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Gould, John, 1804-1881

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    • found: Tree, I. The ruling passion of John Gould, 1992:CIP galleys (British ornithologist; produced over 40 volumes on birds)
    • found: Gould, John. A monograph of the Trochilidae, or family of humming-birds, 1861:title pages (by John Gould, F.R.S., F.L.S., V.P. and F.Z.S., M.E.S., F.R. Geog. S., M. Ray S., corr. memb. of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Turin; of the Soc. of the Museum of Nat. Hist. of Strasbourg; for. memb. of the Nat. Hist. Soc. of Nurnberg, and of the Imp. Nat. Hist. Soc. of Moscow; hon. memb. of the Nat. Hist. Soc. of Darmstadt; of the Nat. Hist. and the Nat. Hist. and Med. Socs. of Dresden; of the Roy. Soc. of Tasmania; of the Roy. Zool. Soc. of Ireland; of the Penzance Nat. Hist. Soc; of the Worcester Nat. Hist. Soc.; of the Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle Nat. Hist. Soc.; of the Ipswich Museum; of the Orn. Soc. of Germany; of the Dorset County Museum and Library; of the Royal United Service Institution, etc.) v. 1, page vii (author's preface: "To my artist Mr. Richter, to [Gould's secretary] Mr. [Edwin Charles] Prince, and to Mr. Bayfield ... I owe many thanks")
    • found: Sauer, Gordon C. "Gould, John (1804-1881)," in Oxford dictionary of national biography, 2004, accessed online November 15, 2017(Gould, John (1804-1881), ornithologist and publisher, born at Lyme Regis, Dorset, 14 September 1804; in 1825, moved to London and set up a taxidermy shop; in 1828, appointed animal preserver at the museum of the Zoological Society of London; in 1833, promoted to superintendent of its ornithological department; on 5 January 1829, married Elizabeth Coxen (1804-1841); began publishing imperial folio-sized volumes of hand-colored lithographs of birds with A century of birds hitherto unfigured from the Himalaya Mountains, self-published, 1830-1832 (text by N.A. Vigors); continued this publishing format for 50 years, writing his own texts, producing eventually 50 volumes, chiefly on birds of the world, including also a set on the mammals of Australia; study trip to Australia and around the world, 1838-1840. "His hand-coloured lithographic plates, more than 3300 in total, are called 'Gould plates.' Although he did not paint the final illustrations, this description is largely correct: he was the collector (especially in Australia) or purchaser of the specimens, the taxonomist, the publisher, the agent, and the distributor of the parts or volumes. He never claimed he was the artist for these plates, but repeatedly wrote of the 'rough sketches' he made from which, with reference to the specimens, his artists painted the finished drawings. The design and natural arrangement of the birds on the plates was due to the genius of John Gould, and a Gould plate has a distinctive beauty and quality. His wife was his first artist. She was followed by Edward Lear, Henry Constantine Richter, William Matthew Hart, and Joseph Wolf." In 1836, Charles Darwin returned from his voyage on HMS Beagle and selected several scientists to describe his collected specimens, among them Gould for his birds: "In January 1837 Gould pronounced a group of twelve birds from the Gal├ípagos Islands, which Darwin had thought to be 'blackbirds, warblers, wrens and finches,' as all one family of finches, with variations in their beaks and size. This was the crucial piece of evidence that enabled Darwin to come to his theory of island speciation." Gould died at his home, 26 Charlotte Street, Bedford Square, London, on 3 February 1881)
    • found: Jackson, Christine E. Dictionary of bird artists of the world, 1999:page 151 (in entry for Bayfield, Gabriel, 1781-1870: "English artist and colourist who worked on John Gould's folio books doing the excellent colour work on the lithographs ... Gould employed him from about 1831, until Bayfield ended his career some 30 years later")
    • found: Wikidata, November 15, 2015(John Gould (Q313787) English ornithologist and illustrator)
    • found: Union List of Artist Names Online, November 15, 2015(Gould, John (British painter, ornithologist, 1804-1881); ID: 500006638)
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