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East India Company

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  • Variants

    • us: Governor and Company of Merchants of London, Trading into the East Indies
    • us: United Company of Merchants of England, Trading to the East Indies
    • us: English East India Company
    • us: East India Tea Company
    • us: East-India Companie
    • us: United East India Company
    • us: Compagnie des Indes orientales d'Angleterre
    • us: Compagnie unie de marchands d'Angleterre commerçans aux Indes orientales
    • us: Tung Yin-tu kung ssu
    • us: Honourable East-India Company
    • us: Sharikat al-Hind al-Sharqīyah al-Barīṭānīyah
    • us: Engelse Oost-Indische Maatschappy
    • us: Kumpanī-i Hind-i Sharqī
    • us: کمپنى هند شرقى
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      • East India Company (English)
    • Sources

      • found: NUCMC data from Rutgers Univ. Lib. for British govt. records, 1651-1735 (East India Tea Company)
      • found: East India Co. A calendar of the court minutes, etc. of the East India Company, 1664-1670, 1925: t.p., etc. (East India Company)
      • found: Its Lettre ecrite a un actionnaire de la Compagnie des Indes orientales d'Angleterre = A letter to a proprietor of the East-India Company, 1750.
      • found: Digges, D. The defence of trade [MI] 1615: t.p. (East-India Companie)
      • found: Gt. Brit. Parliament. A Bill for continuing the trade and corporation capacity of the United East India Company ... [MI] 1712: p. 1-2 (English-Company Trading to the East-Indies, now called United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East-Indies)
      • found: Lipson, E. The economic hist. of Eng., 1929-1931: v. 2, p. 309, etc., chapter entitled East India Company (in 1698 a new company was formed under an act of Parl., and a rivalry between the two comps. ensued. Starting in 1702 the Old Company were managed by a joint committee; in 1709 the orig. company was dissolved and a complete amalgamation was effected in the United East India Company)
      • found: MdU/G-K files (usage: Compagnie unie de marchands d'Angleterre commerçans aux Indes orientales)
      • found: Tung Yin-tu kung ssu tui Hua mao i pien nien shih ... 1991: v. 1, colophon (East India Company)
      • found: Part I[-II] of a descriptive catalogue of the lepidopterous insects contained in the Museum of the Honourable East-India Company, 1828-1829
      • found: Sharikat al-Hind al-Sharqīyah al-Barīṭānīyah wa-dawruhā fī tārīkh al-Khalīj al-ʻArabī, 1600-1858 M, 1997: t.p. (Sharikat al-Hind al-Sharqīyah al-Barīṭānīyah)
      • found: Tweede scheeps-togt, van de Engelse Oost-Indische Maatschappy, onder den h[ee]r Hendrik Middleton, generaal, in 't jaar 1604 ..., 1706 : t.p. (Engelse Oost-Indische Maatschappy)
      • found: Mihrīn, M.N. Kumpanī-i Hind-i Sharqī va marg-i Vazīr Muḥammad Akbar Khān, 2006: t.p. (کمپنى هند شرقى = Kumpanī-i Hind-i Sharqī)
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