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  • Variants

    • us: Brazylia
    • us: República Federativa do Brasil
    • us: Brasil
    • us: République fédérative du Brésil
    • us: Brésil
    • us: Brasilien
    • us: Pa-hsi
    • us: Federative Republic of Brazil
    • us: Brasile
    • us: Brazilië
    • us: Brazilia
    • us: Бразил
    • us: Федерациэм Республикэ Бразил
    • us: Federat͡siėm Respublikė Brazil
    • us: Brasilië
    • us: Federale Republiek van Brasilië
    • us: البرازيل
    • us: al-Barāzīl
    • us: برازيل
    • us: Barāzīl
    • us: Rèpublica fèdèrativa du Brèsil
    • us: Pindorama
    • us: Tetã Pindorama
    • us: Wrasil
    • us: Tantasqa Republika Wrasil
    • us: Braziliya
    • us: Braziliya Federativ Respublikası
    • us: Pa-se
    • us: Pa-se Liân-pang Kiōng-hô-kok
    • us: Бразилия
    • us: Brazilii͡a
    • us: Бразилия Федератив Республикаhы
    • us: Brazilii͡a Federativ Respublikaḣy
    • us: Бразілія
    • us: Федэратыўная Рэспубліка Бразілія
    • us: Fedėratyŭnai͡a Rėspublika Brazilii͡a
    • us: Федеративна република Бразилия
    • us: Federativna republika Brazilii͡a
    • us: Federativna republika Brazil
    • us: Republik Kevreel Brazil
    • us: República Federal del Brasil
    • us: Бразили
    • us: Brazili
    • us: Бразили ФедеративлІa Республики
    • us: Brazili Federativlă Respubliki
    • us: Brazilská federativní republika
    • us: Pederatibong Republika sa Brasil
    • us: Republica Federativa del Brazil
    • us: Republica Federale di u Brasile
    • us: Gweriniaeth Ffederal Brasil
    • us: Brasilia
    • us: ブラジル
    • us: Burajiru
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    • Descriptor

        Independent political entity
    • Descriptor

        (aat) Countries (sovereign states)
    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        (aat) Nations
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) Nation
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) National state
    • Descriptor

        (eurovocen) State
    • Descriptor

        (stw) State
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  • Sources

    • found: Its II PND, II Plan ... 1974?:cover (République fédérative du Brésil) p. 4 (Brésil)
    • found: Wendt, A. Kannibalismus in Brasilien, c1989.
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    • found: YSO places, via WWW, June 16, 2018(Brazil; Brasilia (Finnish); Brasilien (Swedish)) -
    • found: Web NDL authorities, June 16, 2018(ブラジル = Burajiru; variant: Brazil) -
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    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
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    • 1980-06-24: new
    • 2018-06-17: revised
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