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Madhya Pradesh (India)

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    • Madhya Pradeśa (India)
    • MP (India)
    • M.P. (India)
    • Madhyapradeśa (India)
    • Government of Madhya Pradesh (India)
    • State Government of Madhya Pradesh (India)
    • State of Madhya Pradesh (India)
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  • Sources

    • found: Its Gazette extraordinary, Mar. 18, 1950.
    • found: Madyha Pradesh archives, 1980:t.p. (Madhya Pradesh; M.P.)
    • found: Paṭakathā, Navambara-Disambara 1986:t.p. (Madhya Pradeśa)
    • found: Nayā vikalpa, Sita. 1987:t.p. (Madhyapradeśa)
    • found: Foreign names information bulletin, April 30, 2001(former name: Madhya Pradesh [short form], State of--ADM1, 22°00ʹN 79°00ʹE (IN15); new name: Madhya Pradesh [short form], State of--ADM1, 23°30ʹN 78°30ʹE (IN35))
    • found: Col. Lip. gaz., 1952:p. 1113 (Central Provinces and Berar renamed Madhya Pradesh in 1950)
    • found: Strategy and action plan, 2006:t.p. (Government of Madhya Pradesh)
    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(adm1; 23°30ʹ00ʺN 078°30ʹ00ʺE)
    • found: Wikipedia, June 3, 2013:Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh, abbreviated MP, is a state in central India. Its capital is Bhopal and the largest city is Indore; established 1 November 1956; 22.42°N 72.54°E; located in the geographic heart of India, between latitude 21°04ʹN-26.87°N and longitude 74°02ʹ-82°49ʹE) Government of Madhya Pradesh (The Government of Madhya Pradesh also known as the State Government of Madhya Pradesh, or locally as State Government, is the supreme governing authority of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and its 50 districts; the head of state of Madhya Pradesh is the Governor; the Chief Minister is the head of government) History of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh was created in 1950 from the former British Central Provinces and Berar and the princely states of Makrai and Chhattisgarh, with Nagpur as the capital of the state. The new states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were formed out of the Central India Agency. In 1956, the states of Madhya Bharat, Vindhya Pradesh, and Bhopal were merged into Madhya Pradesh, and the Marathi-speaking southern region Vidarbha, which included Nagpur, was ceded to Bombay state. Bhopal became the new capital of the state. In November 2000, as part of the Madhya Pradesh Reorganization Act, the southeastern portion of the state split off to form the new state of Chhattisgarh.)
    • found: GEOnet, June 3, 2013(Madhya Pradesh (approved); State of Madhya Pradesh (approved); Madhya Pradesh (short); first-order administrative division, India, ADM1: Madhya Pradesh, 23°30ʹ00ʺN 078°30ʹ00ʺE = 23.5 78.5)
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