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us: Louisiana

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    • us: Louisiane
    • us: État de Louisiane
    • us: Léta de la Lwizyàn
    • us: Lwizyàn
    • us: State of Louisiana
    • us: US-LA
    • us: La
    • us: Louisianne
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    • found: Le créole de Breaux Bridge ... c1985: t.p. (Louisiane)
    • found: NUCMC data from Texas St. Libr., Archives Div. for Lamar, M.B. Papers, 1806-1941 (Louisiana)
    • found: LC man. auth. cd. (Hdg.: Louisiana; by act of Congress of March 26, 1804, the Louisiana purchase was divided at the 33d parallel of latitude, the lower portion being organized as the Territory of Orleans, the upper portion as the District of Louisiana. The Territory of Orleans became the state of Louisiana by the acts of Congress of Feb. 20, 1811 and Apr. 8, 1812; Old catalog hdg. Louisiana (Province) was used for the Louisiana Territory under the French and Spanish, and under the U.S. down to its division in 1804; this heading also used for the northern district after the division of 1804)
    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009 (adm1; 31°00ʹ02ʺN 092°00ʹ01ʺW)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 13, 2014: Louisiana (Louisiana (French: État de Louisiane; Louisiana Creole: Léta de la Lwizyàn) is a state located in the southern region of the United States; Once part of the French Colonial Empire, the Louisiana Territory stretched from present-day Mobile Bay to just north of the present-day Canadian border, and included a small part of what is now southwestern Canada)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 13, 2014: Territory of Orleans (The Territory of Orleans or Orleans Territory was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from October 1, 1804 until April 30, 1812, when it was admitted to the Union as the State of Louisiana; In 1804, all of the Louisiana Purchase south of the 33rd parallel became the Orleans Territory, and the remainder became the District of Louisiana. (The District of Louisiana was later renamed the Louisiana Territory, and still later, when the Orleans Territory became the State of Louisiana, the Louisiana Territory was renamed the Missouri Territory.))
    • found: Wikipedia, May 13, 2014: Louisiana Territory (The Territory of Louisiana or Louisiana Territory was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from July 4, 1805 until June 4, 1812, when it was renamed to Missouri Territory. It was formed out of part of the lands acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase, in which French Louisiana was bought from France. The Eighth Congress of the United States on March 26, 1804, passed legislation entitled "An act erecting Louisiana into two territories, and providing for the temporary government thereof", which established Territory of Orleans and the civil District of Louisiana. This act, effective October 1, 1804, expanded the authority of the governor and judges of Indiana Territory to provide temporary jurisdiction over the District of Louisiana. On March 3, 1805, Congress enacted legislation organizing the District of Louisiana into the Louisiana Territory, effective July 4, 1805. The Louisiana Territory included everything in the Louisiana Purchase north of the 33rd parallel (the southern boundary of the present state of Arkansas). The southern and western boundaries with Spanish Texas and New Mexico were not fully defined until the Adams-Onís Treaty of 1819. The seat of government was St. Louis. On June 4, 1812, the Twelfth U.S. Congress enacted legislation that renamed the Louisiana Territory as the Territory of Missouri to avoid confusion with the recently admitted state of Louisiana.)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 13, 2014: List of U.S. state abbreviations (Louisiana, State, ISO: US-LA; ANSI: LA; ANSI: 22; USPS: LA; USCG: LA; Old GPO: La.; AP: La.)
    • found: Don Alexandre O Reilly, commandeur de Benfayan dans l'Ordre de Alcantara, Lieutenant Général des Armées ds Sa Majesté, Inspecteur Général d'Infanterie, & par Commission Gouverneur & Capitaine Général de la Province de la Louisianne, 1769.
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