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us: Children's Hospital Medical Center (Boston, Mass.)

  • [Est. 1946]

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  • Variants

    • us: Boston. Children's Hospital Medical Center
    • us: Boston Children's Medical Center
  • Related Terms

    • us: Children's Hospital (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: Infants' Hospital (Boston, Mass.)
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Boston. Children's Hospital Medical Center
    • Children's Medical Center (Boston, Mass.)
  • Sources

    • found: Boston. Children's Hospital. The Children's Hospital, 1869-1951, 1951?
    • found: Smith, C.A. The Children's Hospital of Boston, 1983: p. 228 (Children's Hospital Medical Center, formed 1959 by the consolidation of the Children's Hospital (which continued as the nucleus) and the Children's Medical Center)
    • found: Medical & health info. dir., 1980 (Children's Hospital Medical Center)
    • found: Phone call to Children's Hospital, 6-25-85 (The name: Children's Hospital Medical Center was dropped Jan. 1983 and changed back to Children's Hospital, Inc.)
    • found: NUCMC data from Boston Children's Hospital Archives for Infants' Hospital records, 1882-1961 (Infants' Hospital in Boston started as the West End Nursery in 1881; by 1884 it was known as the West End Nursery and Infants' Hospital; from 1891 to 1903, annual reports were issued under the joint name, and thereafter under Infants' Hospital; in 1902, amid much controversy, the institution's name was changed to The Thomas Morgan Rotch Jr. Memorial Hospital for Infants (for the son of Dr. Thomas Morgan Rotch who was physician-in-chief at Children's Hospital and one of the directors of Infant's), but in 1907 the name was changed back to Infants' Hospital; in 1961 the Infants' Hospital was merged into the Children's Hospital Medical Center, ceasing to exist as a separate entity)
    • found: A child's eye view of the world, 1972: t.p. (Boston Children's Medical Center)
  • General Notes

    • [Est. 1946]
  • Change Notes

    • 1980-02-26: new
    • 2012-12-11: revised
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