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us: Child, Lydia Maria, 1802-1880

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    • us: Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880
    • us: Child, L. Maria (Lydia Maria), 1802-1880
    • us: Francis, Lydia Maria, 1802-1880
    • us: Child, David Lee, Mrs., 1802-1880
    • us: American lady, 1802-1880
    • us: Editor of Juvenile miscellany, 1802-1880
    • us: Author of Letters from New York, 1802-1880
    • us: Author of Philothea, 1802-1880
    • us: Author of Fact and fiction, 1802-1880
    • us: Author of Biographies of good wives, 1802-1880
    • us: Juvenile miscellany, Editor of, 1802-1880
    • us: Letters from New York, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: Philothea, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: Fact and fiction, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: Biographies of good wives, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: Child, D. L., Mrs., 1802-1880
    • us: Lady of Massachusetts, 1802-1880
    • us: Author of Hobomok, 1802-1880
    • us: Hobomok, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: American, 1802-1880
    • us: Childs, Mrs. (Lydia Maria), 1802-1880
    • us: Childe, Mrs. (Lydia Maria), 1802-1880
    • us: Author of Days of childhood and Girl's own book, 1802-1880
    • us: Days of childhood, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: Girl's own book, Author of, 1802-1880
    • us: Childs, L. M. (Lydia Maria), 1802-1880
    • us: Child, Maria, 1802-1880
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      Child, Mrs. (Lydia Maria), 1802-1880
  • Sources

    • found: A Lydia Maria Child reader, 1997
    • found: Personal communication from Prof. Shirley Samuels, March 23, 2009 (author is known as Lydia Maria Child)
    • found: Her Juvenile miscellany.
    • found: Her Fact and fiction, 1846: t.p. (L. Maria Child)
    • found: Her Lydia Maria Child, selected letters, 1817-1880, 1982, c1983: CIP t.p. (Lydia Maria Child)
    • found: NUCMC files (Child, Lydia Maria, 1802-1880; b. Lydia Maria Francis; Mrs. David Lee Child)
    • found: WwWA, 1607-1896 (Child, Lydia Maria Francis; 1802-1880; author, abolitionist; d. Convers & Susannah (Rand) Francis; m. David Lee Child; teacher, Watertown, Mass.; nursed John Brown in prison)
    • found: MWA/NAIP files (hdg.: Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880; usage: L. Maria Child; American lady; editor of Juvenile miscellany; author of Letters from New York; author of Philothea; author of Fact and fiction; author of Biographies of good wives)
    • found: Her The mother's book, 1992: CIP t.p. (Mrs. Child)
    • found: OCLC, 22 Feb. 2008 (Hdgs.: Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880 ; Child, L. Maria (Lydia Maria), 1802-1880 ; usage: Mrs. Child; L. Maria Child; Lydia Maria Child; Mrs. D.L. Child; Lady of Massachusetts; Author of Hobomok; An American; Mrs. Childs; Mrs. Childe; Author of Days of childhood and Girl's own book; L.M. Child; L.M. Childs; Maria Child; Mrs. L. M. Childs; Lydia M. Child; Lydia Maria Francis Child)
    • found: Lydia Maria Child, selected letters, 1817-1880, 1982: p. [xvi] (b. Lydia Francis; added Maria to name in 1822; m. David Lee Child 19 Oct. 1828) p. xviii (d. 20 Oct. 1880)
    • found: Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895: From the Colonial Period to the Age of Frederick Douglass, accessed via The Oxford African American Studies Center online database, July 27, 2014: (Child, Lydia Maria; abolitionist, fiction writer; born 11 February 1802 in Medford, Massachusetts, United States; her writing about abolition began in 1833; editor of the Garrisonian National Anti-Slavery Standard (1841-1843); her popular column for the Standard was published as a book -- Letters from New York (1843); voted onto the executive committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society (1840); died 20 October 1880 in Wayland, Massachusetts, United States)
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