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us: Speed, John, 1552?-1629

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    • us: Speede, Iohn, 1552?-1629
    • us: Speed, Iohn, 1552?-1629
    • us: Spede, Iohn, 1552?-1629
    • us: Speede, John, 1552?-1629
    • us: J. S. (John Speed), 1552?-1629
    • us: S., J. (John Speed), 1552?-1629
    • us: I. S. (John Speed), 1552?-1629
    • us: S., I. (John Speed), 1552?-1629
    • us: Speed, I. (John Speed), 1552?-1629
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    • found: His Britain as it was devided ... 1981?: map recto (Iohn Speede)
    • found: His The Kingdome of Irland devided ... 1966: map recto (Iohn Speed)
    • found: His Caernarvon, both shyre and shire-towne ... 1981?: map recto (Iohn Spede)
    • found: His Cardigan Shyre described, 1981?: map recto (John Speede)
    • found: His The genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures ... 1628?: t.p. (J.S.)
    • found: His The genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures ... 1611 or 1612: t.p. (I.S.)
    • found: Partie meridiole. du royaume d'Irlande ... 1778: map recto (tirées de ... I. Speed)
    • found: The history of Great Britaine under the conquests of ye Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans, 1611, viewed online 13 May 2015: t.p. (Iohn Speed; their originals, manners, warres, coines & seales: with ye successions, lives, acts & issues of the English monarchs from Iulius Cæsar, to our most gracious soueraigne King Iames)
    • found: Oxford dictionary of national bography, 7 May 2015 (Speed, John (1551/2-1629), historian and cartographer, was born at Farndon, Cheshire; he; property in London; was made free of the Merchant Taylors' Company (through patrimony); participated in the circle, including members of the original Society of Antiquaries, engaged in methodically studying the history of the British people and institutions; his History of Great Britain with its accompanying atlas volume, The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine, published together 1611-1612; The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine was the earliest English attempt at producing an atlas on a grand scale, with the first detailed maps of the provinces of Ireland, the first set of county maps consistently attempting to show the boundaries of territorial divisions, and the first truly comprehensive set of English town plans--a notable contribution to British topography; genealogical engravings; interest in coins; also theological interests and publications; died 28 July 1629; funeral and monument in St Giles Cripplegate)
    • found: Wikipedia, 8 May 2015 (John Speed (1552-28 July 1629); English cartographer and historian; he is known as England's most famous Stuart period mapmaker; his work as a historian is considered secondary in importance to his map-making; died in Cripplegate, London; buried in St Giles-without-Cripplegate church)
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