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us: United States Steel Corporation

  • [Incorporated 1901]

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  • Variants

    • us: United States Steel (Firm)
    • us: U.S. Steel (Firm)
    • us: US Steel (Firm)
    • us: USS
    • us: U.S. Steel Corporation
  • Later Established Forms

    • us: U.S.X. Corporation
  • Related Terms

    • us: Milwaukee Iron Company
    • us: United States Steel Company
    • us: United States Steel Products Company
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • U.S.X. Corporation. U.S. Steel Group
  • Sources

    • found: The Making, shaping, and treating of steel, c1985: t.p. (United States Steel; USS) p. vii, etc. (United States Steel Corporation; U.S. Steel)
    • found: NUCMC data from New Jersey Historical Society for Dickson, W.B. Papers, 1911-1932 (United States Steel Corporation)
    • found: New York Times, July 9, 1986, IV, 1:3 (United States Steel Corporation chgs. name to U.S.X. Corporation, a holding company directing four operating units: U.S.S. Inc. (steel); Marathon Oil Company; Texas Oil and Gas Corporation; and U.S. Diversified Group (chemical, engineering, consultant, and real estate business))
    • found: Moody's indust. man., 1954: p. 2307 (United States Steel Corporation; early in 1951 several wholly owned subsidiaries merged to form United States Steel Company, N.J.; as of Jan. 1, 1953 U.S. Steel Company merged with U.S. Steel Corporation)
    • found: NUCMC data from Old Dartmouth Hist. Soc. Whaling Mus. Lib. for Mandell family. Papers, 1748-1909 (Milwaukee Iron Company, Milwaukee, Wis., later became part of US Steel Corp.)
    • found: Annual report, 2001: cover (United States Steel Corporation; USS) contents p. (United States Steel Corporation; United States Steel; separated from USX Corporation Dec. 31, 2001)
    • found: U.S.X. Corporation redirect Web site, April 13, 2003 (Effective Dec. 31, 2001, USX Corporation was renamed Marathon Oil Corporation; United States Steel LLC, a former subsidiary of USX, became United States Steel Corporation through a tax-free spin-off of the steel business by USX Corporation)
    • found: Its Web site, April 18, 2003 (United States Steel Corporation; in late 1986 ... U.S. Steel Corporation changed its name to USX Corporation; in 1991, corporation divided into U.S. Steel Group and Marathon Group; in October 2001, a plan of reorganization resulted in the tax-free spin-off of the steel and steel-related businesses of USX [U.S. Steel Group] into a freestanding, publicly traded company known as United States Steel Corporation; the remaining energy businesses of USX became Marathon Oil Corporation)
  • General Notes

    • [Incorporated 1901]
  • Change Notes

    • 1980-05-12: new
    • 2003-04-18: revised
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