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Judah, ha-Levi, active 12th century

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  • Variants

    • Abū al-Ḥasan, active 12th century
    • Abul-Hassan, active 12th century
    • Galevi, Ieguda, active 12th century
    • Giuda Levita, active 12th century
    • Halevi, Jehuda, active 12th century
    • Halevi, Judah, active 12th century
    • Haleṿi, Yehudah, active 12th century
    • Halevy, Yehuda, active 12th century
    • Halewy, Yehudah, active 12th century
    • Hallevi, Juda, active 12th century
    • Hallevi, Judah, active 12th century
    • Ieguda, Galevi, active 12th century
    • Jehuda, Halevi, active 12th century
    • Jehudah, Hallevi, active 12th century
    • Leṿi, Yehudah ha-, active 12th century
    • Levita, Giuda, active 12th century
    • Rihal, active 12th century
    • Yehudá, ha-Leví, active 12th century
    • Yehuda Halevi, active 12th century
    • Yĕhudah Abū-l-Hasān ben Šĕmuʼel, ha-Leví, active 12th century
    • Yehudah, ha-Leṿi, active 12th century
    • Yĕhūdāh, ha-Lēwī, active 12th century
    • Yehudah Halewy, active 12th century
    • Иегуда, Галеви, active 12th century
    • ריה״ל
    • הלוי, יהודה
    • הלוי, יהודה, active 12th century
    • יהודה בן שאול, הלוי, המאה ה־12
    • יהודה בן שמואל הלוי
    • יהודה בן שמואל, הלוי
    • יהודה, בן שמואל הלוי
    • יהודה הלוי
    • יהודה, הלוי
    • יהודה, הלוי
    • יהודה, הלוי, 12 cent
    • יהודה הלוי, active 12th century
    • יהודה הלוי active 12th century
    • יהודה, הלוי, מאה ה־12
    • יהודה, הלוי, מאה ה־12־־ספרות ילדים
    • יהודה, הלוי, המאה ה־12
    • יהודה, הלוי, המאה ה־12
    • יהודה הלוי, המאה ה־12־־השפעה
    • יהודה, הלוי, המאה ה־21
    • יהודה, הלוי, המאה ה־י״ב
    • יהודה הלוי, המיה הי״ב
    • יהודה, ילוי
    • יהודיה, הלוי
  • Additional Information

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        Toledo, Spain
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    • Associated Locale

        Toledo, Spain
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Judah, ha-Levi, 12th cent.
  • Sources

    • found: His Jehuda Halevi, 1983:t.p. (Jehuda Halevi)
    • found: Rabi Yehudah ha-Leṿi, 1964:jacket (Rihal)
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    • found: Shadal (Shemuʼel Daṿid Lutsaṭo, 1800-1865) magish mi-shire Rihal (Rabi Yehudah ha-Leṿi, 1086-1141), 1996:t.p. verso (Rabbi Jehuda Halevi [in rom.])
    • found: Le Kuzari, 2005:CIP galley t.p. (Juda Hallevi)
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    • found: Poesía hebrea en al-Andalus, 2003:p. 173 (Yehudá ha-Leví, 1074-1141) p. 292 (Yehudá ha-Levi)
    • found: Wikipedia, 7 August 2013(Judah Halevi, was a Spanish Jewish physician, poet and philosopher, born in Toledo, Spain, died in Palestine, a Hebrew poet, he wrote prose in Arabic and poetry in Hebrew)
  • LC Classification

    • PJ5050.J8
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    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
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    • 2013-08-13: revised
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