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us: Habsburg, Otto von, 1912-2011

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    • us: Bar, Othon, duc de, 1912-2011
    • us: Otto, von Habsburg, 1912-2011
    • us: Otto, Archduke of Austria, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburg-Lothringen, Franz-Josef Otto, 1912-2011
    • us: Lothringen, Franz-Josef Otto Habsburg-, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsbourg, Otto de, 1912-2011
    • us: De Habsbourg, Otto, 1912-2011
    • us: Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xaver Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius, Archduke of Austria, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburg-Lothringen, Otto, 1912-2011
    • us: Отта, фон Габсбург, 1912-2011
    • us: Otta, fon Habsburh, 1912-2011
    • us: Габсбург, Отта фон, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburh, Otta fon, 1912-2011
    • us: Хабсбург, Ото, 1912-2011
    • us: Khabsburg, Oto, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburgo-Lorena, Otón de, 1912-2011
    • us: D'Asburgo-Lorena, Otto, 1912-2011
    • us: D'Asburgo, Otto, 1912-2011
    • us: D'Asburgo, Ottone, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburg-Lotaryński, Otto, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburgo, Otto de, 1912-2011
    • us: Habsburgo, Otão de, 1912-2011
    • us: Габсбург, Отто фон, 1912-2011
    • us: Gabsburg, Otto fon, 1912-2011
    • us: Отто, фон Габсбург, 1912-2011
    • us: Otto, fon Gabsburg, 1912-2011
    • us: Hapsburg, Otto von, 1912-2011
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        Otto, Archduke of Austria, 1912-
    • Sources

      • found: His Coutumes et droits successoraux de la classe paysanne ... c1935.
      • found: Mobilmachung, c1979: p. 8 (Dr. Franz-Josef Otto Habsburg-Lothringen; b. 11/12/12)
      • found: Charles Quint, c1999: t.p. (Otto de Habsbourg)
      • found: Uncrowned emperor : the life and times of Otto von Habsburg, 2003.
      • found: Otto von Habsburg's website, May 18, 2009: home page (Otto von Habsburg) HTML header (Erzherzog Dr. Otto von Habsburg) Biographie (b. 20 Nov. 1912) {}
      • found: Wikipedia, May 18, 2009 (entry under Otto von Habsburg; b. 20 Nov.1912 as Archduke Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xaver Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius of Austria, later of Austria-Este; head of the House of Habsburg since 1922; former Crown Prince (1916-1918) of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Galicia and Lodomeria and Illyria, and since 1922 the Habsburg pretender to these thrones as well as the titular King of Jerusalem; official name in Germany is Otto von Habsburg; referred to as Otto Habsburg-Lothringen by Austrian authorities, since the use of noble titles and prepositions like "von" is forbidden by the Austrian constitution; sometimes known as Archduke Otto of Austria, Crown Prince Otto of Austria, and in Hungary simply as Habsburg Ottó) Belarusia page (Отта фон Габсбург = Otta fon Habsburh) Bulgarian page (Ото Хабсбург = Oto Khabsburg) Spanish page (Otón de Habsburgo-Lorena) Italian page (Otto d'Asburgo-Lorena; Otto d'Asburgo; Ottone d'Asburgo) Hungarian page (Habsburg Ottó; Dr. Habsburg Ottó) Polish page (Otto Habsburg-Lotaryński; Otto von Habsburg) Portuguese page (Otto de Habsburgo; Arquiduque Otto (ou Otão) de Habsburgo) Russian page (Габсбург, Отто фон = Gabsburg, Otto fon; Отто фон Габсбург)
      • found: Biography Base website, May 18, 2009 (Otto von Habsburg (Otto Habsburg-Lothringen in Austria), the former Crown Prince Otto of Austria (Franz Josef Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix René Ludwig Gaetano Pius Ignazius von Habsburg), b. Nov. 20, 1912)
      • found: New York times WWW site, July 6, 2011 (in obituary published July 4: Otto von Hapsburg; b. Nov. 20, 1912, Reichenau, Lower Austria; d. Monday [July 4, 2011], Pöcking, Germany, aged 98; onetime heir to the imperial throne of Austria-Hungary, who during a long career in European politics was a strong proponent of unifying the divided continent)
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