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us: Radio Free Europe

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  • Variants

    • us: RFE
    • us: Radio Svobodna Evropa
    • us: RFE/RL. Radio Free Europe Division. Radio Free Europe
    • us: Free Europe Committee. Radio Free Europe
    • us: Szabad Európa Rádió
    • us: Sender "Freies Europa"
    • us: Radio Wolna Europa
    • us: RWE
    • us: Radio Svobodnai͡a Evropa
    • us: RSE
    • us: Radio Europa Liberă
    • us: Radio Slobodna Evropa
    • us: Rozgłośnia Polska Radia Wolna Europa
    • us: Free Europe Radio Station
    • us: Radyi͡o Svabodnai͡a Ėŭropa
    • us: Радыё Свабодная Эўропа
  • Sources

    • found: Its Special report.
    • found: Kritichen pregled na bŭlgarskii͡a periodichen pechat, 1984-1987: v. 1, t.p. (RSE) added t.p., etc. (RFE; Radio Svobodna Evropa)
    • found: Morawski, J. Głosy z Monachium, c1993: p. 5 (Radia Wolna Europa; RWE)
    • found: Operațiunile "Melița ̕și "Eterul", 1999: t.p. (... Europei Libere) p. 14 (postului de radio Europa Liberă)
    • found: Dijalog na buretu baruta, 2000: t.p. (Radio Slobodna Evropa)
    • found: Listy na svabodu, 2014: t.p. (Радыё Свабодная Эўропа = RadyЋiЌo SvabodnaЋiЌa ЇEІuropa)
    • found: Wokół Rozglośni Polskiej Radia Wolna Europa, 2002: p. 3 (Rozgłośnia Polska Radia Wolna Europa)
    • found: Hitlers Sturz durch die Frei-Deutschland Bewegung, 1941: t.p. (Free Europe Radio Station)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Non-Latin script reference not evaluated.]
    • [The following subdivisions have not been used as headings: Information Dept.; Evaluation and Research Section; Hungarian Unit; Research and Information Dept.]
    • [Operated by Radio Free Europe Division of RFE/RL, inc. since 1976.]
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    • 1980-05-28: new
    • 2014-08-26: revised
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