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Halberstam, Jekutiel Jehuda

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    • us: Admor ha-G. ha-Ḳ., a.b.d. ḳ.ḳ. Tsanz
    • us: Admor mi-Tsanz-Ḳloizenburg
    • us: Halberstam, Salomon Leib
    • us: Halberstam, Jekuthiel Judah
    • us: Halberstam, Yekusiel Yehudah
    • us: Halbershṭam, Yeḳutiʼel Yehudah
    • us: Klausenberg Rebbe
    • us: Klausenberger Rebbe
    • us: Klausenburger Rabbi
    • us: Rabi mi-Tsanz
    • us: אבדק״ק צאנז
    • us: Shefaʻ Ḥayim
    • us: אדמור מצאנז־קלויזנבורג
    • us: אדמו״ר אבדק״ק צאנז
    • us: הלברשטאם, יקותיאל יהודה בן צבי, אדמו״ר מצאנז
    • us: יקותיאל יהודה, אב״ד צאנז קלויזנבורג
    • us: שפע חיים
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  • Sources

    • found: His Liḳuṭe Torah, 1964/65.
    • found: Halberstam, C. Liḳuṭe Divre Ḥayim, 1991:t.p. (k.ḳ. maran Admor ha-g. ha-ḳ., sheliṭa; assoc. with Yeshivat Tsanz)
    • found: Enc. Jud., 1972v. 7, col. 1177 (Jekuthiel Judah Halberstam, b. 1904, known as Klausenberg Rebbe; after World War II reestablished his court in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 1956 founded Kiryat Zanz, Israel, and later settled there)
    • found: Shen, Ḥ. Sheloshah roʻe Yiśraʼel, 1993 or 1994:t.p. (ha-Rabi mi-Tsanz)
    • found: Avihem shel Yisʻraʼel, 1994- :v. 1, t.p. (Admor mi-Tsanz-Ḳloizenburg, z. ts. ṿe-ḳ.l.; d. 9 Tamuz 754 [1994])
    • found: Sefer Yatsiv pitgam, 1999 or 2000:t.p. (k.ḳ. Admor ha-G. ha-Ḳ., z. ts. l.l.h.h., a.b.d. ḳ.ḳ. Tsanz)
    • found: Sefer Otsrot Divre yatsiv, 2011 or 2012:t.p. (מרן יקותיאל יהודה הלברשטאם זצוקללה"ה אבדק"ק צאנז-קלויזענבורג = Maran Yeḳutiʼel Yehudah Halbershṭam, z. ts. ṿe-ḳ. l.l.h.h., a.b.d. di-ḳ. ḳ Tsanz-Ḳloizenurg)
    • found: Klausenberger Rebbe, 2003v. [1], p. [11] (Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, b. 4 Shevat, 1905, Rudnick, Galicia)
    • found: One million dollar campaign, 1947single leaf (Rabbi Salomon Leib Halberstam; Klausenburger Rabbi)
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