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us: Lane Theological Seminary

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    • us: Lane Seminary
    • us: Cincinnati Lane Seminary
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      Lane Theological Seminary, Cincinnati
  • Sources

    • found: LCCN n80-141986 (info. ref. being cancelled: Lane Theological Seminary founded 1829; merged with Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the South in 1910, retaining its own name; merged with Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Chicago in 1932, assuming the name: Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Chicago)
    • found: NUCMC data from Andover Newton Theological School Libr. for Brethren (Andover Theological Seminary). Records, 1808-1870 (Lane Theological Seminary)
    • found: Sellers, O.R. Fifth quarter century of McCormick, c1955 (Lane Theological Seminary, fd. and received its charter on Feb. 11, 1829; site was 60 acres in Walnut Hills section of Cincinnati; Lebanon Theological Seminary, opened in 1854 as theological dept. of Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn.; in 1909 trustees of university ordered discontinuance of theological dept., then Gen. Assembly of Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. appt. board to maintain and conduct for the Presbyterian Church a theological seminary, chartered as Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the South; in 1910 Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the South was allied with Lane; Mar. 6, 1930 board of Lane voted to merge with Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Chicago, now McCormick Theological Seminary, but Lane to remain in name, operating under its own board, in Cincinnati; Lane board continues to function and there is a president, but educational functions transferred to Chicago; Lane buildings demolished and land leased for other functions)
    • found: Its Walnut Hills 1837. Dear Sir, Will you permit, 1837: t.p. (Lane Seminary)
    • found: Its Third annual report of the trustees of the Cincinnati Lane Seminary, 1833.
    • found: LC man. auth. cd. (McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago; In 1840 the Theological Dept. of Hanover College, fd. 1829, was moved to New Albany, Ind., and the name was changed to New Albany Theological Seminary. In 1859 the seminary was moved to Chicago and its name was changed to Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the Northwest. In 1886 the name was changed to McCormick Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church and, in 1929 to Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Chicago. In 1943 the name of the seminary was changed to McCormick Theological Seminary. In 1910 the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the South, fd. 1909, and the Lane Theological Seminary, fd. 1829, merged retaining the latter name. In 1932 the Lane Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Chicago, merged, retaining the latter name)
    • found: Online search, Lane Theological Seminary, Wikipedia, Sept. 25, 2015 : Wikipedia, Lane Theological Seminary, section Shifting Ties ( In 1932, it became part of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. While a permanent Board of Trustees for Lane Theological Seminary remained in service until the Seminary was legally merged out of existence in 2007,[3] the faculty, library collections, and students were transferred to Chicago, and the last remnants of the Cincinnati campus were destroyed in 1956)
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