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Sevastopolʹ (Ukraine)

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  • Variants

    • Sebastopol (Ukraine)
    • Sevastopolʹ, Gorod-Geroy (Ukraine)
    • Sewastopol (Ukraine)
    • Sevastopolʹ, Misto (Ukraine)
    • Sevastopil (Ukraine)
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    • Sources

      • found: Voĭtekhov, B. The last days of Sevastopol, 1943.
      • found: BGN (phone call 09-10-92)(form of name did not change)
      • found: BGN gaz., USSR:(Sevastopolʹ; popl.: 44°36ʹN, 33°32ʹE)
      • found: Ukraïna [MAP] 1992:(Sevastopolʹ; city in Respublika Krym)
      • found: BGN. Foreign names info. bull, Dec. 1993, surrogate:p. 36 (former name: Sevastopolʹ, Gorod-Geroy: ADM2, 44°36ʹN, 33°32ʹE; new name: Sevastopolʹ, Misto: ADM1: 44°36ʹN, 33°32ʹE)
      • found: Russia and the newly independent nations of the former USSR [MAP] March, 1993:(Sevastopolʹ)
      • found: Rosja i jej sąsiedzi [MAP] 1993:(Sewastopol)
      • found: Encyc. of Ukraine:v. 4, p. 601-602 (Sevastopil or Sevastopol: a city and port on the Black Sea in the Crimea. This region had been inhabited by the Taurians as early as the beginning of the 1st millennium BC. By the 5th cent. BC the Greek colony of Chersonese Taurica was esablished on the present-day site. In 1784 Catherine II ordered the fortress and naval port of Sevastopil to be built at the site of the Tatar village of Akhtiar [no publs. in LC data base]. By 1804 Sevastopil had become the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. During the Crimean War (1853-56) the city was almot totally destroyed. In the 1870s its naval facilities were rebuilt and expanded. During World War I Sevastopil was occupied by the Germans (May-Nov. 1918), the Allied Powers (Nov. 1918 to April 1919), and Denikin's forces (June 1919 to Nov. 1920), before it was taken by the Red Army. During World War II the city was again almost totally destroyed)
      • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(ppl; 44°36ʹ00ʺN 033°32ʹ00ʺE)
    • Editorial Notes

      • [SUBJECT USAGE: Headings for the ancient Greek colony known as Chersonese Taurica (Khersones Tavricheskiĭ) are found under the name Chersonese (Extinct city) [sh85-23106]]
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      • 2013-03-06: revised
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