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us: Fārābī

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  • Variants

    • us: Alpharabius
    • us: Alfarabius
    • us: Abennasar
    • us: Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Fārābī
    • us: Uzluk oğlu Farâbî
    • us: Fārābī, Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad
    • us: Abu Nasr Mukhammad alʹ-Farabi
    • us: Farabi, Abu Nasr Mukhammad
    • us: Abu-Nasr alʹ-Farabi
    • us: Abū Naṣr Fārābī
    • us: Alfarabi
    • us: Alfārābī, Abu Nasr
    • us: Abu Nasr Alfārābī
    • us: Avennasar
    • us: Abu Nasr Forobiĭ
    • us: Форобий, Абу Наср
    • us: Forobiĭ, Abu Nasr
    • us: alʹ-Farabi
    • us: Al-Faraby
    • us: Abu Nasr Muhammet ibn Muhammet ibn Tarhan ibn Uzlug Faraby
    • us: Faraby, Abu Nasr Muhammet ibn Muhammet ibn Tarhan ibn Uzlug
    • us: Abū Naṣr Muḥammad bin Muḥammad bin Ṭarhkhān bin Ūzluġ al-Fārābī
    • us: Fārābī, Abū Naṣr Muḥammad bin Muḥammad bin Ṭarhkhān bin Ūzluġ al-
    • us: Phwarabi, Abu Nassr
    • us: Pharabi
    • us: פאראבי
    • us: أبو نصر الفارابي
    • us: الفارابي
    • us: فارابي
    • us: فرابي
  • Sources

    • found: Der Musterstaat ... 1900.
    • found: O logicheskom uchenii alʹ-Farabi, 1982: t.p. (alʹ-Farabi) p. 3 (Abu Nasr Mukhammad alʹ-Farabi; b. ca. 870; d. 950)
    • found: Abu-Nasr alʹ-Farabi, 1982.
    • found: Chāvūshī, J.Ā. Kitābshināsī-i tawṣīfī-i Abū Naṣr Fārābī, 1978.
    • found: Aristotelian logic and the Arabic language in Alfarabi, 1990: CIP introd. (Abu Nasr Alfārābī; Alfarabius; Avennasar)
    • found: Teori politik al-Farabi dan masyarakat Melayu, 1991: t.p. (Al-Farabi) p. xiv (Abu Nasr al-Farabi) p. 2 (real name: Muhammad)
    • found: Fozil odamlar shaḣri, 1993: t.p. (Abu Nasr Forobiĭ)
    • found: Dukhovnoe nasledie alʹ-Farabi, 2001: verso t.p. (Al-Faraby [in rom.])
    • found: Saz ylmy, 2006: t.p. (Abu Nasr Muhammet ibn Muhammet ibn Tarhan ibn Uzlug Faraby; Abū Naṣr Muḥammad bin Muḥammad bin Ṭarhkhān bin Ūzluġ al-Fārābī)
    • found: Zindagīʻnāmah-i mashāhīr-i Īrān, 2007: p. 75-76, 82 (Abu Nassr Phwarabi [in rom.]; b. 839 AD.; d. 918 AD.) p. 4 of cover (Pharabi [in rom.])
    • found: Ming bir ruboiĭ, 2009: p. 18 (Abu Nasr Forobiĭ; AKA Abu Nasr Muḣammad ibn Muḣammad ibn Ŭzlugh Tarkhon Forobiĭ; b. 873; d. 950)
    • found: Encyclopedia of Islam, viewed via the WWW December 13, 2012 (al-Fārābī, one of the most outstanding and renowned Muslim philosophers; is said to have died at the age of eighty or more in 339/950 in Damascus)
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed December 13, 2012 (al-Farabi, c. 872 - between 14 December, 950 and 12 January, 951 in Damascus; spent almost his entire life in Baghdad)
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