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us: Moissi, Alexander, 1879-1935

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  • Variants

    • us: Moissi, Aleksandr, 1879-1935
    • us: Moissi, Alessandro, 1879-1935
    • us: Moissi, Sandro, 1879-1935
    • us: Moisiu, Aleksandër, 1879-1935
    • us: Moissiu, Aleksander, 1879-1935
    • us: Moïssi, Aleksandër, 1879-1935
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  • Sources

    • found: His Der Gefangene, c1980.
    • found: Bushueva, S. Moissi, 1986: p. 3 (Aleksandr Moissi)
    • found: Kosova, B. Aleksandër Moisiu, 1971: p. 108 (b. 1880 [sic])
    • found: Aleksander Moisiu, 1981: t.p. (Aleksander Moisiu) intro. (Aleksandër Moisiu; 1879-1935; Albanian actor)
    • found: Schaper, R. Moissi, c2000: t.p. (Moissi) p. 9, etc. (Alexander Moissi; b. Apr. 2, 1879, in Trieste and named Alessandro Moissi; became German citizen and was German soldier in WWI; wrote play called "Der Gefangene"; made his last film 1934 in Italy; d. Mar. 22, 1935, in Vienna; on his grave at Cemetery of Morcote on Lake Lugano: Alessandro Moissi, 1879-1935) jkt. (half Italian, half Albanian; learned German as stage lang.)
    • found: Internat. dict. of theatre, c1996: v. 3 (Moissi, Alexander; German actor; of Albanian-Italian descent; b. Apr. 2, 1879, as Aleksander Moissiu, in Trieste, Austria (now in Italy); educated in Durazzo (now Durrës), Albania, 1885-1889, and in Trieste, 1889-1897; trained as opera singer in Vienna, 1897; stage debut in walkon roles, Burgtheater, Vienna, 1899; actor in Prague, 1902-1904; from 1904 on actor in Berlin, first in suburban theater & later with Max Reinhardt's company at Deutsches Theater, Berlin, where he remained for rest of his career; toured extensively [as actor] from 1911 on; appeared also in 12 films, 1910-1935; People's Artist (Albania), 1962; d. Mar. 22, 1935, in Vienna)
    • found: Alexander Moissi WWW homepage under, sect. "Fine arts," Nov. 30, 2000 (Alexander Moissi; great actor of Europ. theatre for thirty yrs. (1905-1935); distinguished in German theatre)
    • found: Internet movie database (IMDb), Nov. 30, 2000 (Alexander Moissi; b. Apr. 2, 1880 [sic], in Trieste, Austria-Hungary (now Trieste, Italy); d. Mar. 23 [sic], 1935, in Lugano [sic], Italy; actor)
    • found: Aleksander Moisiu, 1879-1935, WWW homepage under Albanian World Wide Web homepage, sect. "Culture," sect. "Famous Albanians" (Aleksander Moisiu, 1879-1935; Albanian actor; b. in Durrës; childhood in Durrës, Trieste, and Graz; when 20 yrs. old settled with family in Vienna, where his acting career began; later went to Prague & Berlin; primarily, stage actor; appeared also in 10 films, 1910-1935; world reknown; upon his request, given Albanian passport, 1934; d. Mar. 22, 1935)
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    • PT2625.O37
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    • 1980-12-12: new
    • 2008-06-09: revised
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