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us: John, Climacus, Saint, active 6th century

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    • us: Climacus, John, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Darajī al-Sīnāʼī, Yūḥannā, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Ĭoan, Lestvichnik, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Ioann, igumen Sinaĭskoĭ gory, active 6th century
    • us: Iōannēs, tēs Klimakos, active 6th century
    • us: Jean, Climaque, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Joannes, Climacus, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Joannes, Scholasticus, active 6th century
    • us: Johannes, Sinaites, active 6th century
    • us: Johannes, vom Sinai, active 6th century
    • us: John Klimax, active 6th century
    • us: John, the Scholastic, active 6th century
    • us: Jovan, Lestvičnik, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Klimax, John, active 6th century
    • us: Lestvichnik, Ĭoan, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Lestvičnik, Jovan, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Qiddis̄ Yūḥannā al-Darajī al-Sīnāʼī, active 6th century
    • us: Sīnāʼī, Yūḥannā al-Sullamī, Saint, active 6th century
    • us: Sullamī al-Sīnāʼī, Yūḥannā, Saint, active 6th century
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      Joannes Climacus, Saint, 6th cent. John, Climacus, Saint, 6th cent.
  • Sources

    • found: Luis de Granada. Obras ...
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    • found: Učenje Svetog Jovana Lestičnika i naše vreme, 1996: t.p. (... Svetog Jovana Lestičnika) p. 18 (b. 525 [sic], probably in Constantinople)
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    • found: New Catholic encyclopedia, 2nd ed.: v. 7, p. 949 (John Climacus, St.; also known as John the Scholastic; b. 579, d. 649; author of The heavenly ladder)
    • found: Oxford dictionary of Byzantium (John Klimax; also called Scholastikos or Sinaites; theologian and saint; b. before 579, d. ca. 650)
    • found: Müller, A. Das Konzept des geistlichen Gehorsams bei Johannes Sinaites, c2006: t.p. (Johannes Sinaites) p. 21 (Johannes vom Sinai, author of the Klimax [i.e. The heavenly ladder]) p. 48-55 (re-examination of the available evidence leads to the conclusion that John Climacus should indeed be assigned to the 6th century and not to the 7th century; attempts by scholars such as François Nau to assign him to the 7th century are based on faulty evidence. Based on internal evidence, the Klimax appears to have been written in the second half of the 6th century. John Climacus may have been born around 525 and probably died around 600)
    • found: Lestvit︠s︡a, 2011: t.p. (Ioann, igumen Sinaĭskoĭ gory)
    • found: Wikipedia, February 24, 2015 (John Climacus; born about 525 in Syria, died in March 606 on Mount Sinai; Christian monk at the monastery on Mount Sinai)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Not the same as: John III, Scholasticus, Patriarch of Constantinople, d. 577, or Frere Jean Climaque (aka Alexander-Claude), 18th century Trappist monk, author of Instruction sur la Mort du Frere Jean Climaque, 1704 (OCLC #319824807)]
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