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us: Streep, Meryl

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  • Variants

    • us: Streep, Mary Louise
    • us: ستريب، ميريل
    • us: Stirīb, Mīrīl
    • us: Strip, Meril
    • us: Стрып, Мэрыл
    • us: Stryp, Mėryl
    • us: Стрып, Мэры Луіза
    • us: Stryp, Mėry Luiza
    • us: Стрийп, Мерил
    • us: Striĭp, Meril
    • us: Streepová, Meryl
    • us: Στριπ, Μτ̔̈«”αγ·ριλ
    • us: 메릴 스트립
    • us: 스트립, 메릴
    • us: Sŭt'ŭrip, Meril
    • us: סטריפ, מריל
    • us: Стрип, Мерил
    • us: Стрип, Мери Луиза
    • us: Strip, Meri Luiza
    • us: Streep, Maria Ludovica
    • us: Strīpa, Merila
    • us: Strīpa, Mērija Luīza
    • us: メリル・ストリープ
    • us: ストリープ, メリル
    • us: Sutorīpu, Meriru
    • us: Стрийп, Мерйл
    • us: Стріп, Меріл
    • us: Стріп, Мері Луїз
    • us: Strip, Meri Luïz
    • us: 梅麗·史翠普
    • us: 史翠普, 梅麗
    • us: Shicuipu, Meili
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

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    • Birth Place

        (naf) Summit (N.J.)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) United States
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  • Sources

    • found: Data from Time-Life Video for Pain [VR] 1980 (a.e.) (Meryl Streep, actress)
    • found: Maychick, D. Meryl Streep, c1984: p. 13 (b. Mary Louise Streep June 22, 1949 in Summit, N.J.)
    • found: IMDb, July 9, 2014 (Meryl Streep; actress; born: Mary Louise Streep, June 22, 1949 in Summit, New Jersey)
    • found: Wikipedia, July 9, 2014 (Meryl Streep (born Mary Louise Streep; June 22, 1949); American actress of theater, film and television; born Summit, New Jersey; years active: 1971-present) Arabic page (ميريل ستريب = Mڶirڶil Stirڶib) Azerbaijani page (Meril Strip [in roman]) Belarusian page (Мэрыл Стрып = MЇeryl Stryp; Мэры Луіза "Мэрыл" Стрып = MЇery Luiza "MЇeryl" Stryp) Bulgarian page (Мерил Стрийп = Meril StriІip; Мерил Луиз Стрийп = Meril Luiz StriІip) Czech page (Meryl StreepovЃa) Greek page (Μτ̔̈«”αγ·ριλ Στριπ = Meril Strip) Korean page (메릴 스트립 = Meril SІut'Іurip) Hebrew page (מריל סטריפ = Meril SѴtrip) Kazakh page (Мерил Стрип = Meril Strip; Мери Луиза "Мерил" Стрип = Meri Luiza "Meril" Strip) Latin page (Maria Ludovica Streep) Latvian page (Merila StrЅipa; MЅerija LuЅiza "Merila" StrЅipa) Japanese page (メリル・ストリープ = Meriru SutorЅipu) Tajik page (Мерйл Стрийп = MerІil StriІip) Ukrainian page (Меріл Стріп = Meril Strip; Мері Луїз "Меріл" Стріп = Meri LuЈiz "Meril" Strip) Chinese page (梅麗史翠普 = Meili Shicuipu)
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    • 2014-07-09: revised
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