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Vanhal, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813

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  • Variants

    • Hal, Johann Baptist van, 1739-1813
    • Van Hal, Johann, 1739-1813
    • Van Hal, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813
    • Vanhal, Giovanni, 1739-1813
    • Vaňhal, Jan Křtitel, 1739-1813
    • Vanhal, Johann, 1739-1813
    • Vanhall, C., 1739-1813
    • Vankhal, I͡An K., 1739-1813
    • Vannhall, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813
    • Wanhal, Jan Baptist, 1739-1813
    • Wanhal, Jean Baptiste, 1739-1813
    • Wanhal, Johann, 1739-1813
    • Wannhal, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813
    • Hal, Johann van, 1739-1813
    • Vanhal, J. B. (Johann Baptist), 1739-1813
    • Vanhal, G. (Giovanni), 1739-1813
    • Wanhal, J. B. (Johann Baptist), 1739-1813
    • Wanhall, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813
    • Vanhall, Jan, 1739-1813
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Wanhal, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813
  • Sources

    • found: His Sei quartetti a due violini, alto et basso ... opera 13a, 178-?
    • found: Gassmann, F.L. Seven symphonies, 1981:t.p. (Jan Křtitel Vaňhal, 1739-1813) p. xli (4 main forms of surname: 1. Jan Křtitel Vaňhal, Czech form; although he was born and lived 21 yrs. in Bohemia, this form hasn't been found on any documents from his lifetime; 2. (Johann) Wanhal, on 2 autograph sources; also on sources that had or might not have had direct contact with him; Johann Baptist(e) Wanhal, on many t.p.'s of symphonies; 3. Vanhal, seems to be most frequent, esp. on t.p.'s and in many articles about him; 4. Vanhall, rather consistently used in the Breitkopf cat. and often on ms. t.p.'s and prints. Other forms vary regarding the initial V or W as well as the use of n and l, e.g. Vannhall, Wanhall)
    • found: Orgelkonzerte [SR] c1977:container (J.B. Vanhal)
    • found: His The periodical overture in 8 parts, number XLII, c1982:t.p. (G. Vanhal)
    • found: His Sonata no. 3 in B♭ for clarinet and piano, c1984:cover (J.B. Wanhal)
    • found: His Quattro sonatine per il forte-piano, c1985:t.p. (Giovanni Vanhal) p. iii (Johann Baptist Wanhall; Jan Křtitel Vañhal)
    • found: Vanhal, J.B. Konzert für Kontrabass und Orchester, 2005?, c1957:t.p. (Jan Baptiste Vanhal) pref. (Jan Křitel (Baptiste) Vanhal (also Vanhall and Wanhall); b. May 12, 1739, Neu-Nechanitz, Bohemia, d. Aug. 20 or 26, 1813, Vienna) caption (J.B. Vanhal)
    • found: Grove music online, Nov. 16, 2009(Vanhal (Vanhall, Wanhal, Waṅhal, Wanhall), Johann Baptist (Jan Ignatius) (Vaňhal, Jan Křtitel); b. May 12, 1739, Nechanicz (now Nechanice), near Hradec Králové, Bohemia, d. Aug. 20, 1813, Vienna; Bohemian composer, violinist, and teacher, active in Austria)
    • found: Vanhal, J.B. Trio in E flat, op. 25, no. 5, 1965?:title page (Jan Vanhall)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Thematic-index numbers for symphonies are those found in Bryan, P. The symphonies of Johann Vanhal, e.g. [Symphonies, B. C6, C major]. Thematic-index numbers for other works are those found in Weinmann, A. Themen-Verzeichnis der Kompositionen von Johann Baptiste Wanhal, e.g. [Sonatinas, piano, W. XIII: 46-57], [Masses, W. XIX: Es 4, E♭ major]]
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