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Yemen (Republic)

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  • Variants

    • Ĭemen (Republic)
    • Yaman (Republic)
    • Jemen (Republic)
    • Ėl'-Iemen (Republic)
    • Yaman al-Shamālī
    • Republic of Yemen
    • Yamanīyah (Republic)
    • Jumhūrīyah al-Yamanīyah
    • Ǧumhūriyyah al-Yamaniyyah
    • يَمَن (Republic)
    • Jumhūriyyah al Yamaniyyah
    • Yamaniyyah (Republic)
    • جمهورية اليمنية
    • Republiek van Jemen
    • Yeme (Republic)
    • República de Yeme
    • Емен (Republic)
    • Emen (Republic)
    • Еменская Рэспубліка
    • Emenskai͡a Rėspublika
    • Йемен (Republic)
    • Република Йемен
    • Republika Ĭemen
    • Shádiʼááhjí Ásáí Bikéyah
    • Jeemen (Republic)
    • Jeemeni Vabariik
    • Υεμτ̔̈«”αγ·νη (Republic)
    • Yemenē (Republic)
    • Δημοκραττ̔̈«”αε·α της Υεμτ̔̈«”αγ·νης
    • Dēmokratia tēs Yemenēs
    • República de Yemen
    • República del Yemen
    • Jemeno
    • Yemengo Errepublika
    • République du Yémen
    • Poblacht Éimin
    • Éimin (Republic)
    • Yeaman (Republic)
    • Pobblaght ny Yeaman
    • Eaman (Republic)
    • Poblachd Iemein
    • Йеменмудин Орн
    • Ĭemenmudin Orn
    • 예멘 (Republic)
    • イエメン (Republic)
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        Independent political entity
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    • Descriptor

        (aat) Countries (sovereign states)
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        (aat) Nations
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        (thesoz) Nation
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) National state
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        (eurovocen) State
    • Descriptor

        (stw) State
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  • Sources

    • found: IV fisheries project, Yemen ... 1996:cover (Republic of Yemen)
    • found: GEOnet, Nov. 17, 2005(Yemen, Republic of; short form: Yemen--PCLI, 15°30ʹN 47°30ʹE; variants: Yamanīyah, Al Jumhūrīyah al, Yemen (Sanaa), Yaman ad Dimuqrāţīyah ash Shaʻbīyah, Jumhūrīyat al, Yemen, People's Democratic Republic of, Yemen Arab Republic, Yamanīyah, Al Jumhūrīyah al ʻArabīyah al, Yemen du Sud, Yemen du Nord, Yemen ash-Shaʻabiyyah al-Dimugratiyyah, Jumhuriyyat al-, Yemen (Aden), Yemen, Democratic People's Republic of, Yemen, Arab Republic of, Yamanīyah ad-Dīmuqrātīyah ash-Shaʻbīyah, Al-Jumhūrīyah al-, Yamanīyah, Al Jumhūrīyah al ʻArabīyah al, Yaman ad Dīmuqrāţīyah ash Shaʻbīyah, Jumhūrīyat al, Yaman, South Yemen, People's Republic of, South Yemen, Southern Yemen Republic, Southern Yemen, Peoples Republic of, Southern Yemen, South Arabia, North Yemen, Democratic Yemen, Al Yaman al Janūbīyah, Al Yaman ad Dīmuqrāţīyah ash Shaʻbīyah, Al Yaman ad Dīmuqrāţīyah, Al Yaman, Al-Yaman)
    • found: Wikipedia, July 15, 2006(Yemen, officially the Republic of Yemen; Al-Ǧumhūriyyah al-Yamaniyyah [in rom.])
    • found: Wikipedia, June 2, 2011(Yemen, Arabic: اليَمَن&#٬٢٠٠م؛ = al-Yaman; Al Yaman [in rom.], officially the Republic of Yemen (Arabic: الجمهورية اليمنية&#٬٢٠٠م؛ = al-Jumhڶurڶiyah al-Yamanڶiyah; Al Jumhڶuriyyah al Yamaniyyah [in rom.]) Afrikaans page (Jemen; Republiek van Jemen) Asturian page (Yeme; Repڳublica de Yeme) Belarusian page (Емен = Emen; Еменская Рэспубліка = EmenskaЋiЌa RЇespublika) Bulgarian page (Йемен = ІIemen; Република Йемен = Republika ІIemen) Navajo page (ShЃadiЃaЃahjЃi ЃAsЃaЃi BikЃeyah) Estonian page (Jeemen; Jeemeni Vabariik) Greek page (Υεμτ̔̈«”αγ·νη = YemenЅe; Δημοκραττ̔̈«”αε·α της Υεμτ̔̈«”αγ·νης = DЅemokratia tЅes YemenЅes) Spanish page (Yemen; RepЃublica de Yemen; RepЃublica del Yemen) Esperanto page (Jemeno) Basque page (Yemen; Yemengo Errepublika) French page (YЃemen; RЃepublique du YЃemen) Irish page (Poblacht ЃEimin) Manx page (Yn Yeaman; Pobblaght ny Yeaman) Scottish Gaelic page (Iemen; An Eaman; Poblachd Iemein) Kalmyk page (Йеменмудин Орн = ІIemenmudin Orn) Korean page (예멘 = Yemen)
    • found: The world factbook, via WWW, August 21, 2018(Yemen. Location: Middle East, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea, between Oman and Saudi Arabia. Geographic coordinates: 15 00 N, 48 00 E. Conventional long form: Republic of Yemen. Conventional short form: Yemen. Local long form: Al Jumhuriyah al Yamaniyah [in roman]. Local short form: Al Yaman [in roman]. Former: Yemen Arab Republic [Yemen (Sanaa) or North Yemen] and People's Democratic Republic of Yemen [Yemen (Aden) or South Yemen])
    • found: Wikipedia, August 21, 2018(Yemen; Arab sovereign state in Western Asia at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula; 15°N 48°E)
    • found: Web NDL authorities, August 21, 2018(イエメン = Iemen) -
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
    • [According to the Dept. of State, the US has recognized the merger (effective May 22, 1990) of the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and the Yemen Arab Republic as a new single state, Yemen. Its capital is Sanaa, the capital of the former Yemen Arab Republic.]
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    • 1981-09-18: new
    • 2018-08-22: revised
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