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us: Shenute, Saint, approximately 348-466

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    • us: Chenouté, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Schenute, von Atripe, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Shenoute, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Shenoud, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Schenoudi, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Shenouti, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Sinuthius, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Shenouda, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Shinūdah, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Sanutios, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Senouthios, Saint, approximately 348-466
    • us: Shenoudi, Saint, approximately 348-466
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        Shanūdah, Anba, Saint, d. 451?
    • Sources

      • found: Chérix, P. Étude de lexicographie copte, 1979 (subj.) t.p. (Chenouté) p. 1 (Apa Chenouté) p. 2 (Schenute von Atripe; Schenoudi) p. 4 (Shenute)
      • found: Encyc. Brit., 15th ed. (Shenute, also called Shenoud or Shenoute, fl. 5th cent.)
      • found: Encyc. Amer., v. 7, p. 771 (Shenoute (Shenute))
      • found: New Cath. encyc. (Shenoute of Atripe, or Schenoudi, b. ca. 348, d. 466; the church [i.e., Catholic Church] has never granted him the title of saint; guided his monastery for 83 years)
      • found: His Shenute contra Origenistas, 1985: t.p. (Shenute) p. 14 (Sinuthii ...)
      • found: Christianity and monasticism in Upper Egypt, c2008- : v. 1, p. xvii (St. Shenouda) v. 1, p. xix (St. Shenoute the Archimandrite)
      • found: The Coptic encyclopedia, c1991 (Shenute, Saint; 4th-5th-cent. reforming abbot of Dayr Anbā Shinūdah [in rom.] (the White Monastery); feast day: 7 Abīb; dates not certain; probably d. 466; if really reached age of 118 as reported in his Life, b. 348; leader of the church [i.e., Coptic Church]; writings important for the history of indigenous Coptic literature; cross-references from Sanutios, Senouthios, Shenoute)
      • found: Encyclopedia Britannica online, 23 Mar. 2012 (Shenute, also spelled Shenoute, Shenoud, Shenoudi, or Schenoudi (born ca. 360, died ca. 450); monastic reformer, abbot of the White Monastery, near Atripe in Upper Egypt; regarded as a saint in the Coptic (Egyptian Christian) Church; his works among the earliest-known writings in the Coptic language; writings were virtually unknown to Western church historians until modern times)
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