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Abbas, Ferhat, 1899-1985

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    • Ferhat Abbas, 1899-1985
    • ʻAbbās, Farḥāt, 1899-1985
    • Farḥāt ʻAbbās, 1899-1985
    • ʻAbbās, Faraḥāt, 1899-1985
    • عباس، فرحات
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  • Sources

    • found: Guerre et révolution d'Algérie, 1962-
    • found: Ferhat Abbas, une utopie algérienne, c1995:p. 401, etc. (b. 24 Oct. 1899, d. 24 Dec. 1985)
    • found: Dictionary of African Biography, accessed October 11, 2014, via Oxford African American Studies Center database:(Abbas, Ferhat; political figure; born 24 October 1899 in Chagna, Algeria; graduated from pharmacy school, University of Algiers (1931); led the Fédération des Élus Indigenes (FEI, Federation of Elected Natives); served as a municipal councilor for Sétif (1935) and Constantine (1936); declared in a famous essay in Entente (newspaper) no Algerian nation existed and the future of Algeria is tied to France (1935); formed moderate party, the Union Populaire Algérienne (UPA) (1938); volunteered to serve in the French army, WWII (1939); helped to produce the Manifeste du Peuple Algérien for more political rights for all Algerians (1943); started the Association des Amis du Manifeste et de la Liberté (AML) movement of PPA supporters and reformist Muslim scholars; formed the Union Democratique du Manifeste Algérien (UDMA), called for an autonomous Algerian state within the French Union (1946); served on the Algerian Assembly (1947-1955); leader of Front of National Liberation (FLN) provisional government in exile, Tunis (1958); very skillful diplomat, presented the FLN's case to various foreign governments in North Africa and elsewhere; removed from leadership position (1961); head of the new Algerian parliament (1962-1963), resigned because FLN's constitution ignored parliamentary recommendations and that FLN leader Ahmed Ben Bella was too authoritarian; dismissed from the FLN and arrested (1964); criticized Boumedienne's dictatorship and was arrested (1976); liberated again, wrote books and essays about postcolonial Algerian state (1978); was one of the most important figures in Algerian politics in the twentieth century; died 23 December 1985 in Algiers, Algeria)
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