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Alfred, of Sareshel

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  • Variants

    • us: Alfred, de Sereshel
    • us: Alfred, von Sareshel
    • us: Alfredus, Anglicus
    • us: Sareshel, Alfred of
    • us: Sereshel, Alfred de
    • us: Alfred, of Shareshill
    • us: Alfred, the Englishman
    • us: Shareshill, Alfred of
    • us: Alfredus, Sereshalensis
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Alfredus Anglicus, philosopher, fl. ca. 1215
  • Sources

    • found: His Des Alfred von Sareshel (Alfredus Anglicus) Schrift De motu cordis, 1923.
    • found: Encyc. Brit. (Alfred of Sareshel, 12th cent.)
    • found: New Cath. encyc. (Alfred of Sareshel, fl. ca. 1210)
    • found: Burnett, Charles. "Shareshill , Alfred of (fl. c.1197-c.1222)," in Oxford dictionary of national biography, 2004, accessed online May 23, 2017 ("Shareshill (Sareshel), Alfred of (called Alfred the Englishman) (fl. c.1197-c.1222), scientist and translator of Aristotelian works, came from Shareshill, which is probably the village of that name 10 miles west of Lichfield, and so is likely to be the 'Magister Alueredus de Sarutehill canonicus Lich.' who appears in a charter of Ralph Neville, dean of Lichfield from 1214 to 1222 ... Other than this, very little is known of the details of his life. He was associated (as witnessed by the dedications of his works) with a group of English scholars that included Roger of Hereford and Alexander Neckham, and must therefore have flourished in the last years of the twelfth century and the first years of the thirteenth ... [He] continued the programme of translating the corpus of texts on Aristotelian natural science set out in order in al-Farabi's On the classification of the sciences, from the point where Gerardo da Cremona (d. 1187), the Toledan-based translator of texts from Arabic into Latin, left off ... This strongly suggests that Alfred himself spent some time in Toledo ... Furthermore, Alfred wrote commentaries on many of these texts on natural science ... [which] were quoted with respect by Oxford masters lecturing on Aristotle's natural science in the mid-thirteenth century ... It is possible, therefore, that Alfred was himself a master at the university in its early days"; translations include the De plantis of Nicholas of Damascus; his independent treatise, De motu cordis, was probably written "before c.1197 when Alexander left Oxford to become a canon of Cirencester")
    • found: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, May 23, 2017 (Alfredus, Sereshalensis; other names: Alfred, von Sarashel; Alfred, von Serechel; Alfredus, de Sareshel; Alfredus, de Sarewel; Alfredus, Anglicus; Alfred, Anglicus; Alfredus, Anglus; Alfred, of Sareshel; Alfred, von Sareshel; Alfred von Sereshel; Alfred de Sareshel; Alfred de Sereshel; life dates approximately 1175-1245 or 1175-1215)
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