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us: Great Britain. Privy Council. Judicial Committee

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  • Variants

    • us: Great Britain. Judicial Committee
    • us: Great Britain. Court of Appeals from the Plantations
    • us: Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (Great Britain)
    • us: Court of Appeals from the Plantations (Great Britain)
    • us: JCPC
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    • us: Caribbean Court of Justice
  • Sources

    • found: World Legal Information Institute WWW site, updated May 2, 2004; viewed Feb. 1, 2005: Caribbean Court of Justice (a nascent regional judicial body; replaces the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council for those Commonwealth States that ratify the Agreement Establishing the CCJ)
    • found: Summary of colonial law, 1834: t.p. (Court of Appeals from the Plantations) p. 113 ("Judicial Committee of the Privy Council" is appointed for hearing appeals from the plantations)
    • found: BL auth. file 12 Aug 2009 (hdg.: Great Britain. Judicial Committee)
    • found: Judicial Committee of the Privy Council Web site, 16 Oct. 2009 (Judicial Committee of the Privy Council; JCPC; highest court of appeal for many current and former Commonwealth countries, as well as the United Kingdom's overseas territories, crown dependencies, and military sovereign base areas; under the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, devolution cases from the regions of the U.K. are now heard by The Supreme Court)
    • found: Wikipedia, 12 Nov. 2009 (Judicial Committee of the Privy Council; est. 1833; referred to as the Privy Council)
    • found: Oxford companion to law, 1980: p. 998 (Privy Council, Judicial Committee of the; in 1832 its jurisdiction was increased when the Court of Delegates was abolished and jurisdiction to hear appeals from the Court of Admiralty and the ecclesiastical courts was transferred to the appeal committee; 1833 statute constituted the Judicial Committee)
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