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us: Graevius, Joannes Georgius, 1632-1703

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  • Variants

    • us: Graeve, Joannes G., 1632-1703
    • us: Graeve, Johann Georg, 1632-1703
    • us: Graeve, Johannes G., 1632-1703
    • us: Graeve, Johannes Georgius, 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Georgius, 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Ioannes Georgius, 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Ioh. Georgius, 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Joannes G., 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Johann G., 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Johann Georg, 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Johannes G., 1632-1703
    • us: Graevius, Johannes Georgius, 1632-1703
    • us: Gravius, Joannes G., 1632-1703
    • us: Grevius, Joannes Georgius, 1632-1703
    • us: Greffe, Johann G., 1632-1703
    • us: Greffe, Johann Georg, 1632-1703
    • us: Greffe, Johannes G., 1632-1703
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

    • Death Date

    • Birth Place

        (naf) Naumburg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)
    • Death Place

        (naf) Utrecht (Netherlands)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Germany
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Netherlands
    • Field of Activity

        (lcsh) History
          (lcsh) Classical philology
            (lcsh) College teaching
              (lcsh) Universities and colleges--Administration
            • Occupation

                (lcsh) Historians
                  (lcsh) Philologists
                    (lcsh) College teachers
                      (lcsh) College administrators
                  • Sources

                    • found: Author's De immutabilitate juris naturæ ... 1690.
                    • found: Grande ency. (Graevius, Johann-Georg; Graeve ou Greffe; philologue et archéologue hollandais; 1632-1703)
                    • found: InU/Wing STC files (usage: J.G. Grevius; Joannes Georgius Grevius)
                    • found: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek online, Mar. 26, 2014 (access point: Graevius, Johannes Georgius; other access points: Greffe, Johannes G.; Greffe, Johann G.; Graevius, Johannes G.; Graevius, Johann G.; Graeve, Johannes G.; Graeve, Johann Georg; Graeve, Johann G.; Graevius, Joannes G.; Gravius, Joannes G.; Graeve, Joannes G.; Graevius, Georgius; Graevius, Ioannes Georgius; Graevius, Ioh. Georgius; Graevius, ...) dates: 1632-1703; historian, classical philologist; German classical philologist and historian, since 1654 in the Netherlands)
                    • found: Wikipedia, Mar. 26, 2014: "Johann Georg Graevius" (Johann Georg Graevius; originally Grava or Greffe; born Jan. 29, 1632 in Naumburg, Electorate of Saxony; died Jan. 11, 1703 in Utrecht; German classical scholar and critic; originally intended for the law, Graevius switched to philology under the influence of Johann Friedrich Grovonius, and compelted studies at Leiden and Amsterdam, also joining the Reformed Church; call 1656 to the chair of rhetoric, U. Duisburg; succeeded Grovonius at Deventer in 1658, and moved 1662 to U. Utrecht where he held the chair of rhetoric, and form 1667 to his death the chairs of history and politics as well)
                    • found: German Wikipedia, Mar. 26, 2014: "Johann Georg Graevius" (Johann Georg Graevius; also held the office of rector, U. Utrecht for several terms)
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                    • 2014-04-18: revised
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