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  • Variants

    • us: Navodo
    • us: Pleasant Island
    • us: Nawodo
    • us: Republic of Nauru
    • us: Naoero
    • us: Ripublik Naoero
    • us: Onawero
    • us: Naouru
    • us: Науру
    • us: Haypy pecпyбликаhы
    • us: Nauru respublikaḣy
    • us: Рэспубліка Науру
    • us: Rėspublika Nauru
    • us: Република Науру
    • us: Republika Nauru
    • us: Nauruská republika
    • us: Nawrw
    • us: Gweriniaeth Nawrw
    • us: Republikken Nauru
    • us: Republik Nauru
    • us: Nauru Vabariik
    • us: Ναουροτ̔̈«”ϐγ·
    • us: Naourou
    • us: Δημοκραττ̔̈«”αε·α του Ναουροτ̔̈«”ϐγ·
    • us: Dēmokratia tou Naourou
    • us: República de Nauru
    • us: Nauro
    • us: Naura Respubliko
    • us: Repúbrica de Nauru
    • us: Nauruko Errepublika
    • us: République de Nauru
    • us: Republyk Naurû
    • us: Nawru
    • us: Nárú
    • us: Poblacht Nárú
    • us: Naaroo
    • us: Pobblaght Naaroo
    • us: Poblachd Nauru
    • us: Наурмудин Орн
    • us: Naurmudin Orn
    • us: 나우루
    • us: Naulu
    • us: 나우루 공화국
    • us: Naulu Konghwaguk
    • us: Repubblica di Nauru
    • us: נאורו
    • us: רפובליקת נאורו
    • us: Republiḳat Nauru
    • us: Науру Республикасы
    • us: Nauru Respublikasy
    • us: Nawuru
    • us: Jamhuri ya Nauru
    • us: Naorou
    • us: Komara Naûrû
    • us: Nauruna Insula
    • us: Res Publica Nauru
    • us: Nauru Republika
    • us: Naurui Köztársaság
    • us: Naoro
    • us: БугД Найрамдах Науру Улс
    • us: Bu̇gd Naĭramdakh Nauru Uls
    • us: Tlācatlahtohcāyōtl Nauru
    • us: Ripubrikit Naoero
    • us: Republiek Nauru
    • us: Reppubliek Nauro
    • us: ナウル
    • us: ナウル共和国
    • us: Nauru Kyōwakoku
    • us: Nauruu
    • us: Nauru Cumhuriyeti
    • us: Republica Nauru
    • us: Republica da Nauru
    • us: Nawiru
    • us: Nawru Republika
    • us: Республика Науру
    • us: Naurua
    • us: Republika e Naurusë
    • us: Ripubbrica di Nauru
    • us: Наоуроу
    • us: Naurun tasavalta
    • us: Republiken Nauru
    • us: Republika ng Nauru
    • us: Nauru Jȯmḣu̇rii͡ate
    • us: Республіка Науру
    • us: Cộng hòa Nauru
    • us: Naureän
    • us: Republika han Nauru
    • us: Republik bu Nauru
    • us: Nauru Respoblėka
    • us: 諾魯
    • us: Nuolu
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    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        Independent political entity
    • Descriptor

        (aat) Countries (sovereign states)
    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        (aat) Nations
    • Descriptor

        (aat) Island nations
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) Nation
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) National state
    • Descriptor

        (eurovocen) State
    • Descriptor

        (stw) State
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    • Associated Locale

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  • Sources

    • found: Webster's geog. dict., 1972(Nauru; formerly Pleasant Island; in 1947 became a joint Australian, British, and New Zealand trust territory; became independent republic in 1968; island republic in W. Pacific Ocean)
    • found: The statesman's year-book, 1995-1996:p. 979 (Nauru; Republic of Nauru)
    • found: Wikipedia, July 10, 2006(Nauru, officially the Republic of Nauru; The Nauruan people called their island "Naoero"; the word "Nauru" was later created from "Naoero" so that English speakers could easily pronounce the name)
    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(island; 00°32ʹ00ʺS 166°56ʹ00ʺE)
    • found: Wikipedia, October 29, 2014(Nauru, officially the Republic of Nauru and formerly known as Pleasant Island, is an island country in Micronesia in the South Pacific; Ripublik Naoero; The British sea captain John Fearn became the first Westerner to visit Nauru in 1798, naming it "Pleasant Island"; Nauru was annexed by Germany in 1888 and incorporated into Germany's Marshall Islands Protectorate. The German settlers called the island Nawodo or Onawero. The Germans ruled Nauru for almost three decades; In 1914, following the outbreak of World War I, Nauru was captured by Australian troops; In 1923, the League of Nations gave Australia a trustee mandate over Nauru, with the United Kingdom and New Zealand as co-trustees; Japanese troops occupied Nauru on 25 August 1942; was finally liberated on 13 September 1945; In 1947, a trusteeship was established by the United Nations, with Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom as trustees; Nauru became self-governing in January 1966, and following a two-year constitutional convention it became independent in 1968) Franco-Provençal page (Naouru) Bashkir page (Науру = Nauru; Haypy pecпyбликаhы = Nauru respublikaЇhy) Belarusian page (Науру = Nauru; Рэспубліка Науру = RЇespublika Nauru) Bulgarian page (Науру = Nauru; Република Науру = Republika Nauru) Czech page (Nauru; NauruskЃa republika; Republika Nauru) Welsh page (Nawrw; Gweriniaeth Nawrw) Danish page (Nauru; Republikken Nauru) German page (Nauru; Republik Nauru) Estonian page (Nauru; Nauru Vabariik)
    • found: Wikipedia, October 29, 2014:Greek page (Ναουροτ̔̈«”ϐγ· = Naourou; Δημοκραττ̔̈«”αε·α του Ναουροτ̔̈«”ϐγ· = Dēmokratia tou Naourou) Spanish page (Nauru; República de Nauru) Esperanto page (Nauro; Naura Respubliko) Extremaduran page (Nauru; Repúbrica de Nauru) Basque page (Nauru; Nauruko Errepublika) French page (Nauru; République de Nauru) Western Frisian page (Naurû; Republyk Naurû) Fulah page (Nawru) Irish page (Nárú; Poblacht Nárú) Manx page (Naaroo; Pobblaght Naaroo) Scottish Gaelic page (Nauru; Poblachd Nauru) Kalmyk page (Наурмудин Орн = Naurmudin Orn) Korean page (나우루 = Naulu; 나우루 공화국 = Naulu Konghwaguk) Croatian page (Nauru; Republika Nauru) Indonesian page (Nauru; Republik Nauru) Icelandic page (NЃarЃu) Italian page (Nauru; Repubblica di Nauru) Hebrew page (נאורו = Nauru; רפובליקת נאורו = RepubliѴkat Nauru) Kazakh page (Науру = Nauru; Науру Республикасы = Nauru Respublikasy) Kinyarwanda page (Nawuru) Swahili page (Nauru; Jamhuri ya Nauru) Haitian page (Naorou) Kurdish page (NaЄurЄu [in roman]; Komara NaЄurЄu [in roman]) Kyrgyz page (Науру = Nauru; Науру Республикасы = Nauru Respublikasy) Latin page (Nauru; Nauruna Insula; Res Publica Nauru) Latvian page (Nauru; Nauru Republika) Hungarian page (Nauru; Naurui KЈoztЃarsasЃag) Macedonian page (Науру = Nauru; Република Науру = Republika Nauru) Malagasy page (Naoro) Maltese page (Nawru) Maori page (Nauru) Mongolian page (Науру = Nauru; БугД Найрамдах Науру Улс = BЇugd NaІiramdakh Nauru Uls) Nahuatl page (Nauru; TlЅacatlahtohcЅayЅotl Nauru) Nauruan page (Naoero; Ripublik Naoero; Ripubrikit Naoero) Dutch page (Nauru; Republiek Nauru) Low Saxon (Netherlands) page (Nauro; Reppubliek Nauro) Japanese page (ナウル = Nauru; ナウル共和国 = Nauru KyЅowakoku) Norfuk/Pitkern page (Nauruu) Norwegian page (Nauru; Republikken Nauru) Tok Pisin page (Nauru)
    • found: Wikipedia, October 29, 2014:Polish page (Nauru; Republika Nauru) Portuguese page (Nauru; República de Nauru) Crimean Turkish page (Nauru; Nauru Cumhuriyeti) Romanian page (Nauru; Republica Nauru) Romansh page (Nauru; Republica da Nauru) Quechua page (Nawru; Nawiru; Nawru Republika) Russian page (Науру = Nauru; Республика Науру = Respublika Nauru) Albanian page (Naurua; Republika e NaurusЈe) Sicilian page (Nauru; Ripubbrica di Nauru) Church Slavic page (Наоуроу = Nauru) Finnish page (Nauru; Naurun tasavalta) Swedish page (Nauru; Republiken Nauru) Tagalog page (Nauru; Republika ng Nauru) Tatar page (Науру = Nauru; Nauru JЇomЇhЇuriЋiЌate) Turkish page (Nauru; Nauru Cumhuriyeti) Ukrainian page (Науру = Nauru; Республіка Науру = Respublika Nauru) Vietnamese page (Nauru; CЄѴong hЂoa Nauru) VolapЈuk page (NaureЈan) Waray page (Nauru; Republika han Nauru) Wolof page (Nauru; Republik bu Nauru) Samogitian page (Nauru; Nauru RespoblЇeka) Chinese page (諾魯 = Nuolu)
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