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us: Makhno, Nestor Ivanovich, 1889-1934

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  • Variants

    • us: Махно, Нестор Иванович, 1889-1934
    • us: Махно, Нестор Иванович, 1884-1934
    • us: Makhno, Nestor Ivanovich, 1884-1934
    • us: Maxno, Nestor, 1889-1934
    • us: Махно, Нестор Іванович, 1884-1934
    • us: Makhno, Nestor Ivanovych, 1884-1934
    • us: Міхненко, Нестор Івановіч, 1889-1934
    • us: Mikhnenko, Nestor Ivanovich, 1889-1934
    • us: Махно, Нестор, 1889-1934
    • us: Makhno, Nestor, 1889-1934
    • us: Machno, Nestor Iwanowitsch, 1889-1934
    • us: Makhno, N. I. (Nestor Ivanovich), 1889-1934
    • us: Makhno, Nester, 1889-1934
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Makhno, Nestor Ivanovich, 1884-1934
  • Sources

    • found: Nomad, M. Apostles of revolution ... 1939.
    • found: Malet, M. Nestor Makhno in the Russian civil war, 1982: t.p. (Nestor Makhno) b. (10/29/1889) [info from CU]
    • found: Stowasser, H. Die Machnotschina, 1979: p. 28 (Nestor Iwanowitsch Machno; b. 10-27-1889 near Gulaj-Pole) p. 119 (d. 1935 [sic] in Paris)
    • found: His Vospominanii͡a, 1992: t.p. (Nestor Makhno) colophon (Makhno, N. I.) p. 3 (b. 1888 [sic])
    • found: Encyc. of Ukraine: v. 3, p. 278 (Makhno, Nestor [Maxno], b. 27 Oct. 1889 in Huliai-Pole, Katerynoslav guberniia, d. 25 July 1934 in Paris. Anarchist leader and military commander. He led his forces against Central Powers in Ukraine. He had several alliances with the Bolsheviks against the White Armies under Denikin and Wrangel, but his own forces were eventually destroyed by the Bolsheviks. After escaping from Ukraine Makhno eventually ended up in Paris where he wrote his incomplete memoirs in Russian)
    • found: Nestor Makhno, 1994: p. 5 (author claims Makhno was actually born on 26 Oct. 1888, not in 1889 or 1884)
    • found: Ukr. rad. ent͡sykl.: v. 6, p. 413 (Makhno, Nestor Ivanovych, 1889-1934. Leader of the counter-revolutionary and anarchist-kurkul forces in Ukraine from 1918-1921. He thrice signed a pact of cooperation with Soviet forces and thrice broke this agreement. After his defeat in 1921 Makhno continued his anti-Soviet activities outside the Soviet Union)
    • found: The struggle against the state and other essays, 1995: CIP t.p. (Nester Makhno)
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