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us: Bishop, Maurice

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  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1944-05-29
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1983-10-19
    • Birth Place

        (naf) Aruba
    • Death Place

        (naf) Grenada
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Grenada
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) England
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: (naf) Holborn College of Law, Languages and Commerce
        • Organization: (naf) New Jewel Movement (Grenada)
        • Organization: (naf) People's Revolutionary Government (Grenada)
        • Organization: (naf) Grenada. Prime Minister
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: Movement for Assemblies of the People
    • Gender

    • Associated Language

    • Field of Activity

        (lcsh) Grenada--Politics and government
      • Occupation

          (lcsh) Politicians
            (lcsh) Prime ministers
        • Sources

          • found: Education is production too, 1981: t.p. (Comrade Prime Minister Maurice Bishop) p. 1 (of Grenada)
          • found: DaBreo, D.S. Grenada's democracy on trial, 1984?: p. 72 (Maurice Rupert Bishop, b. 5-29-44) p. 5 (d. 10-19-83)
          • found: Wikipedia, June 4, 2014 (Maurice Rupert Bishop (May 29, 1944 - Oct. 19, 1983) was a Grenadian politician and revolutionary who seized power in a coup in 1979 from Eric Gairy and served as Prime Minister of the People's Revolutionary Government of Grenada until 1983, when he was overthrown in another coup by Bernard Coard, a member of his own government, and executed) {}
          • found: Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience, Second Edition, accessed June 9, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database: (Bishop, Maurice; prime minister; revolutionary leader; born 1944 in Aruba; educated in Catholic schools in St. George's; at Gray's Inn, London University's Holborn College of Law, and King's College, England (1963-1970); went into private legal practice in Grenada (1970); cofounded a discussion group, which evolved into the political organization Movement for Assemblies of the People (MAP); became leader of the new joint (MAP with Joint Endeavour for the Welfare, Education and Liberation of the People (JEWEL) organization, the New Jewel Movement (NJM) (1973); NJM's leaders were jailed (1974); after elections became the minority leader in Grenada's government (1976); after a bloodless coup, became prime minister in the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) (1979), patterned after Fidel Castro's Cuban government; United States imposed political and economic sanctions on Grenada, which led to a split within the PRG; he was placed under house arrest (1983); was executed after an attempt to be freed by a crowd of demonstrators; died 19 October, 1983 in Grenada)
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