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Bender (Moldova)

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  • Variants

    • Benderi (Moldova)
    • Bendery (Moldova)
    • Bendery (Moldavian S.S.R.)
    • Tishno (Moldova)
    • Tekine (Moldova)
    • Tigina (Moldova)
    • Tighina (Moldova)
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    • Earlier Established Forms

      • Bendery (Moldavian S.S.R.)
    • Sources

      • found: Zaĭt︠s︡ev, A. V. Benderskoe vooruzhennoe, 1971.
      • found: Ukraïna [MAP] 1992:(Bendery)
      • found: Nat. Geogr. Soc. Russia and newly independent nations of the former USSR [MAP] March, 1993:(Bender, in Moldova)
      • found: Enchikl. Sov. Mold.:v. 1, p. 394 (Bender (Tigina); city in Moldavian SSR)
      • found: Moldavskai︠a︡ SSR, 1968:p. 7 (Bender; given city status in 1818) p. 150 (Bendery)
      • found: BGN gaz., USSR:(Bendery: popl. 46°49ʹN, 29°29ʹE; in Moldavian SSR)
      • found: Russ. Brockhaus:v. 3, p. 423 (Bendery (in Moldavian: Tishno); town in Bessarabskai︠a︡ gubernīi︠a︡. Settled by Genoese in medieval times; conquered by Bai︠a︡zet II of Turkey in 16th cent.; Charles XII fled there after defeat at Poltava in 1709; Russian Army seized Bendery three times between 1770 and 1806 until it was finally ceded to them as part of Bessarabīi︠a︡)
      • found: Webster's New Geogr. Dictionary:p. 135 (Bendery or Bender (in Romanian Tighina), city in Moldavian SSR; a Genoese trading town in 12th cent.; it was controlled by different governments until the 18th cent. when it became part of Bessarabia. From 1918 to 1940 it was incorporated into Romania; Bender was ceded back to the USSR in 1940)
      • found: Bolʹsh. sov. ėnt︠s︡ykl., 3rd ed:v. 3, p. 193 (Bendery in Moldavian SSR. Settled by Genoese in 12th cent; in 16th cent. seized by the Turks; Russian Army occupied Bendery in 1770, 1789, and 1806, and finally by 1812 it was ceded by treaty to the Russian Empire as part of Bessarabii︠a︡. By 1818 it was considered an uyezd [district] town. During the years 1918 to 1940 it was part of Romania. Bendery was largely destroyed by Axis forces in World War II)
      • found: Masaryk slovník naučny:v. 1, p. 456 (Bendery (in Romanian Tekine); city in Bessarabia. Conquered by Sweden under Charles XII in 1709 and renamed Nový Stockholm [no publs. in LC data base]. Seized three times by Russian Army from the Turks between 1770 and 1806. In 1920 Bender as part of Bessarabia was ceded to Romania)
    • Editorial Notes

      • [For pre ca. 1918 and 1940- imprints; Old catalog heading: Tighina, Moldavian S.S.R.]
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      • 1982-11-27: new
      • 2013-05-31: revised
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