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Orpaz Averbuch, Yitzhak, 1921-2015

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  • Variants

    • Averbuch, Yitzhak Orpaz, 1921-2015
    • Orpasz, Yitzhak, 1921-2015
    • Orpaz, Itzhak, 1921-2015
    • Orpaz, Yitzhak, 1921-2015
    • אורפז, יצחק, 1921-2015
    • אורפז, יצחק אוורבוך, 1921-2015
    • אוורבוך אורפז, יצחק, 1921-2015
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Aṿerbukh Orpaz, Yitsḥaḳ
    • Orpaz, Yitsḥaḳ
  • Sources

    • found: His ʻEśev pere, 1959.
    • found: Yiśraʼel Efrat, meshorer ṿe-hogeh, 1980 or 1981:verso of half title (Yitsḥaḳ Orpaz) verso of added t.p. (Itzhak Orpaz [in rom.])
    • found: His ha-ʻElem, 1984:t.p. (Yitsḥaḳ Aṿerbukh Orpaz) t.p. verso (Yitzhak Orpaz [in rom.])
    • found: His Ki-tseloaḥ et ha-mefteaḥ, c1993:t.p. (Yitsḥaḳ Aṿerbukh Orpaz) t.p. verso (Yitzhak Orpasz [in rom.])
    • found: Info. converted from 678, 2012-10-02(b. 1923)
    • found: Masaʻ Daniyel, 2014:t.p. (יצחק אוורבוך אורפז = Yitsḥaḳ Aṿerbukh Orpaz) t.p. verso (Yitzhak Orpaz [in rom.]) page 4 of cover (b. 1921 in former Soviet Union; emigrated to Israel 1938)
    • found: Ṿiḳipedyah via WWW, April 29, 2015:(יצחק אוורבוך-אורפז = Yitsḥaḳ Aṿerbukh-Orpaz; Israeli author and philosopher; b. 1921 in the town of Zinḳov, currently in the Ukraine; at age 17, in 1938, emigrated to Israel as part of the Jewish Agency for Israel's Youth Aliyah; in 1949 Hebraicized his last name to Orpaz; as of 1982, resumed use of original last name Aṿerbukh; currently uses compound name)
    • found: Leḳsiḳon ha-sifrut ha-ʻIvrit ha-ḥadashah, via WWW, May 4, 2015(אוורבוך-אורפז, יצחק = Aṿerbukh-Orpaz, Yitsḥaḳ; Yitzhak Orpaz [in rom.]; b. 1921; index entry for Orpaz, Yitsḥaḳ links to page for Aṿerbukh-Orpaz, Yitsḥaḳ)
    • found: Ency. Judaica, 2nd ed. [online], viewed July 29, 2015(Orpaz Averbuch, Yitzhak; 1923-)
    • found: ʻOr beʻad ʻor, 2016:t.p. (יצחק אוורבוך אורפז = Yitsḥaḳ Aṿerbukh Orpaz) t.p. verso, etc. (Yitzhak Orpaz [in rom.]; d. Aug. 2015)
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    • PJ5054.O75
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    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
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    • 1983-01-19: new
    • 2018-07-04: revised
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