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Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

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  • Variants

    • Urga (Mongolia)
    • Ulaanbaatur (Mongolia)
    • Улан-Батор (Mongolia)
    • Ulan Bator (Mongolia)
    • Ulaanbaator (Mongolia)
    • Ulaanbaatar Khot (Mongolia)
    • Улаанбаатар Хот (Mongolia)
    • Ulaġan Baġatur (Mongolia)
    • Ulaanbaator Hota (Mongolia)
    • Ulan-Bator Khoto (Mongolia)
    • Uranbatoru (Mongolia)
    • Ulan Bator Hoto (Mongolia)
    • Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)
    • Oulan-Bator (Mongolia)
    • Ūlān Bātūr (Mongolia)
    • Ulaganbagatur (Mongolia)
    • Улаанбаатар (Mongolia)
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Ulan-Bator, Mongolia
  • Sources

    • found: BGN, 4-14-83(Ulaanbaatar; capital; 47°55ʹN 106°53ʹE; ppl.: variants: Ulaanbaatur; Ulan Bator; Ulaanbaator; Ulaanbaator Hota; Ulan-Bator Khoto; Uranbatoru; Ulan Bator Hoto: earlier name: Urga; variants of earlier name: Uruga; Kʼu-lun; Örgöö; Da-Kure; Durga; Da Khure; Da Hüryee)
    • found: Mongġol-un niġuca tobciyan, 1947:t.p. (Ulaġan Baġatur [in Mong. script])
    • found: Mongolie-Mongolie, 1983 (x-ref.)t.p. verso (Oulan-Bator)
    • found: Permanent Organization for Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity. Presidium (13th : 1986 : Ulaanbaator, Mongolia). al-Dawrah al-thālithah ʻashrah lil-Hayʼah al-Riʼāsīah ... 1986:t.p. (Ūlān Bātūr, Munghūliyā)
    • found: Google, June 25, 2007(previous names of Ulaanbaatar: Urguu, 1639-1706; Ikh Khuree, 1706-1911; Niislel Khuree, 1911-1923; Ikh Khuree (its variants Da-Kure, Da Khure, Da Hüryee) is actually the name of the monastery around which the city grew)
    • found: Battulga, Togmidyn. Zakhchin ardyn urtyn duu, duulaachid, 2004:t.p. (Улаанбаатар Хот = Ulaanbaatar Khot)
    • found: Ot Khalkhin-Gola do linkora Missuri, 2010:t.p. (Улан-Батор = Ulan-Bator)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 12, 2014(Ulan Bator; or Ulaanbaatar (Mongolian: Улаанбаатар = Ulaanbaatar, literally "Red Hero"; Ulaganbagatur); capital and largest city of Mongolia; 47°55ʹN 106°55ʹE; before 1911, the official name was Ikh Khüree or Daa Khüree, or simply Khüree. Upon independence in 1911, with both the secular government and the Bogd Khan's palace present, the city's name changed to Niĭslel Khüree. It is called Bogdiin Khuree in the folk song "Praise of Bogdiin Khuree". In western languages, the city at that time was most often referred to as Urga. When the city became the capital of the new Mongolian People's Republic in 1924, its name was changed to Ulan Bator (Улаанбаатар, Ulaanbaatar, classical Mongolian Ulaganbagatur, literally "Red Hero").)
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    • [The following heading for an earlier name is a valid AACR 2 heading: Urga (Mongolia)]
    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
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    • 2014-05-14: revised
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