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Masséna, André, prince d'Essling, 1758-1817

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    • us: D'Essling, André Masséna, prince, 1758-1817
    • us: Essling, André Masséna, prince d', 1758-1817
    • us: Masséna, André, duc de Rivoli, 1758-1817
    • us: Rivoli, André Masséna, duc de, 1758-1817
    • us: Esling, André Masséna, prince d', 1758-1817
    • us: Massena, Andrea, 1758-1817
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  • Sources

    • found: Horward, D.D. Napoleon and Iberia, c1984: CIP galley (Marshal André Masséna, duc de Rivoli, prince d'Essling)
    • found: LC manual auth. cd. (hdg.: Masséna, André, prince d'Essling, 1758-1817)
    • found: Costas Ferreira e Vasconcellos, Paulino da. Testamento do General Massena, Duque de Rivoli, Principe de Esling, &c., 1811
    • found: Nouvelle biographie générale, 1853-1866: v. 34, columns 179-188 (Masséna (André), duc de Rivoli, prince d'Essling, maréchal de France, born Nice, May 6, 1758, died Paris, April 4, 1817)
    • found: Wikipedia, June 28, 2017 (article title: "André Masséna"; André Masséna (born Andrea Massena) 1st Duc de Rivoli, 1st Prince d'Essling (6 May 1758- 4 April 1817); French military commander during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars; one of the original eighteen Marshals of the Empire created by Napoleon; born in Nice, then in the Kingdom of Sardinia; promoted to the rank of Marshal of France in May, 1804; granted his first ducal victory title as chief of Rivoli on 24 August 1808; rewarded on 31 January 1810 with a second, now princely, victory title, Prince d'Essling, for his efforts in the battle of Aspern-Essling and in the Battle of Wagram; died in Paris in 1817; his second son, François Victor, born on 2 April 1799, became 2nd Duc de Rivoli, 3rd Prince d'Essling)
    • found: French Wikipedia, June 28, 2017 (article title: "André Masséna"; André Masséna, duc de Rivoli, prince d'Essling; rank: Maréchal d'Empire)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Do not confuse with his son, Essling, François-Victor Masséna, prince d', 1799-1863, no2017085993]
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    • 2017-06-30: revised
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