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Philostratus, the Lemnian, active 3rd century

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  • Variants

    • Filóstrato, el Joven, active 3rd century
    • Philostratos, active 3rd century
    • Philostratos, ho Neōteros, active 3rd century
    • Philostratus III, active 3rd century
    • Philostratus, Junior, active 3rd century
    • Philostratus, Lemnius, active 3rd century
    • Philostratus, of Lemnos, active 3rd century
    • Philostratus, the Younger, active 3rd century
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Philostratus, the Lemnian, 3rd cent.
  • Sources

    • found: Anderson, G. Philostratus, 1986:index (Philostratus the Lemnian) p. 3-4 (called the Lemnian by his older relative Philostratus the Athenian) p. 6 (the Younger Philostratus) p. 86 (Philostratus of Lemnos) p. 293 (conjecturally, the 2nd of 2 authors named Philostratus: the 1st (the Athenian) being author of the 1st series of Imagines, the 2nd (the Lemnian) being author of the 2nd series of Imagines)
    • found: LC database, 1-16-87(2 separate hdgs., based on the common supposition, not accepted by Anderson, that the 1st Imagines were written by the Lemnian and the 2nd by yet another Philostratus: Philostratus, of Lemnos, b. ca. 191; Philostratus, minor, 3rd cent.)
    • found: BLC(Philostratus, the Younger)
    • found: Philostratus, the Athenian. Philostratorum et Callistrati opera, 1849:p. 395 (Philostratou tou Neōterou ... Philostrati Junioris ... )
    • found: Imágenes, c1993:t.p. (Filóstrato el Joven)
    • found: Flinterman, Jaap-Jan. Power, paideia & Pythagoreanism, 1995:p. 10-11 (Philostratus the the Lemnian, also known as Philostratus III was probably 20 years younger than Philostratus the Athenian; both the 1st and 2nd collections of the Imagines have been attributed to Philostratus III; W. Schmid atrributes the 2nd collection of the Imagines to a son of Philostratus III and the daughter of Philostratus II, known as Philostratus IV, but this view is debated)
    • found: Dictionary of Greek and Roman mythology online, June 4, 2007:(Suidas describes the first Philostratus as the son of Verus and alive during the reign of Nero (54-68 B.C.E.), the second Philostratus as the son of the first and alive during the reign of Philip the Arab (244-249 B.C.E.), and the third Philostratus as the grand-nephew of the second and the author of Eikonas, Panathenaikon, and Troikon. This chronologically impossible description has caused great confusion and speculation over the authorship of Philostratus's works)
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed December 17, 2014:(Philostratus of Lemnos, also known as Philostratus the Younger; Greek sophist of the Roman Imperial period)
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    • [Old catalog headings: Philostratus, of Lemnos, b. ca. 191; Philostratus, minor]
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