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us: Berdichevsky, Micah Joseph, 1865-1921

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  • Variants

    • us: Bin Gorion, Micah Joseph, 1865-1921
    • us: Gorion, Micah Joseph Bin, 1865-1921
    • us: Berdichewski, Micah Joseph, 1865-1921
    • us: Berdyczewski, Micha Josef, 1865-1921
    • us: Gorion, Micha Joseph Bin, 1865-1921
    • us: Ben-Guryon, Mikha-Yosef, 1865-1921
    • us: Guryon, Mikhah Yosef Ben-, 1865-1921
    • us: Berdiṭsheṿsḳi, Mikhah-Yosef, 1865-1921
    • us: Ben-Guryon, M. Y. (Mikhah Yosef), 1865-1921
    • us: Berdiṭsheṿsḳi, M. Y. (Mikhah Yosef), 1865-1921
    • us: Berdits'esḳi, M. Y. (Mikhah Yosef), 1865-1921
    • us: Guryon, M. Y. Ben- (Mikhah Yosef Ben-), 1865-1921
    • us: Gorion, M. J. Bin- (Micha Josef Bin-), 1865-1921
    • us: Bin-Gorion, M. J. (Micha Josef), 1865-1921
    • us: Berdyczewski, M. J. (Micha Josef), 1865-1921
    • us: Berditschewski, Mika Josef, 1865-1921
    • us: Ibn Gorion, Micha Joseph, 1865-1921
    • us: Gorion, Micha Joseph Ibn, 1865-1921
    • us: Berdits'evsḳi, M. Y. (Mikhah Yosef), 1865-1921
    • us: Berdits'evsḳi, Mikhah Yosef, 1865-1921
    • us: Bin Gorion, Micha Josef, 1865-1921
    • us: Gorion, Micha Josef Bin, 1865-1921
    • us: Berdichevski, Micha Joseph, 1865-1921
    • us: Bin-Goryon, Mikhah Yosef, 1865-1921
    • us: Bin-Goryon, M. Y. (Mikhah Yosef), 1865-1921
    • us: Berdyczevski, M. I., 1865-1921
    • us: Bin-Gorion, M. I., 1865-1921
    • us: Berdichevskiĭ, M. I., 1865-1921
    • us: בן־גוריון, מיכה יוסף
    • us: בן־גוריון, מיכה יוסף, 1865־1921
    • us: בן־גריון, יוסף
    • us: בן־גריון, מיכה יוסף
    • us: בן-גריון, מיכה-יוסך
    • us: בערדיטשעווסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1865־1921
    • us: בערדיטשעווסקי, מ. י.
    • us: בערדיטשעווסקי, מ. י., 1865-1921
    • us: בערדיטשעװסקי, מיכה יוסף
    • us: בערדיטשעװסקי, מ.
    • us: בערדעטשעװסקי, מיכה יוסף
    • us: ברדיטצבדקי, מיכה יוסף, 1865-1921
    • us: ברדיטצבסקי, מיכה יוסף
    • us: ברדיטצבסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1865-1921
    • us: ברדיטצבסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1921־1865
    • us: ברדיטשבסקי, מיכה יוסף
    • us: ברדיטשבסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1921־1865
    • us: ברדיטשבסקי, מ. י.
    • us: ברדיצבסקי, מיכה יוסף
    • us: ברדיצבסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1921־1865
    • us: ברדיצבסקי, מ. י.
    • us: ברדיצקבסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1865-1921
    • us: ברדיצ׳בסקי, יוסף
    • us: ברדיצ׳בסקי, מיכה יוסף, 1865־1921
    • us: ברדיצ׳בסקי, מיכה יוסף, 5681־1291
    • us: ברדיצ׳בסקי, מכה יוסף, 1921־1865
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1865-08-07German Wikipedia, June 17, 2013
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1921-11-18German Wikipedia, June 17, 2013
    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1865-08-19Britannica online, April 29, 2016
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1921-11-18Britannica online, April 29, 2016
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Breslau (Germany)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Berlin (Germany)
    • Birth Place

        (naf) Medz͡hybiz͡h (Ukraine)
    • Death Place

        (naf) Berlin (Germany)
    • Gender

        (lcdgt) Males
    • Associated Language

    • Associated Language

    • Associated Language

    • Field of Activity

        (lcsh) Jewish mythology
          (lcsh) Jewish legends
            (lcsh) Fiction
              (lcsh) Journalism
                (lcsh) Dentistry
                  (lcgft) Short stories
                    (lcgft) Novellas
                      (lcgft) Essays
                    • Occupation

                        (lcsh) Authors
                          (lcsh) Essayists
                            (lcsh) Journalists
                              (lcsh) Dentists
                          • Use For

                          • Earlier Established Forms

                              Bin Gorion, Micha Joseph, 1865-1921
                          • Sources

                            • found: His Yidishe ks̀ovim fun a ṿayṭn ḳorev, 1981: t.p. (Mikhah-Yosef Ben-Guryon (Berdiṭsheṿsḳi)) added t.p. (Micha Josef Bin-Gorion (Berdyczewski) [in rom.]) spine (M.Y. Ben-Guryon (Berdiṭsheṿsḳi)) p. 4 of cover (M.J. Bin-Gorion (Berdyczewski) [in rom.]) p. 7, 1st group (M.Y. Berdits'evsḳi; Mikhah Yosef Berdits'evsḳi (Ben-Guryon) 1865-1921)
                            • found: Enc. Britannica, 1977 (Berdichevsky, Micah Joseph, pseud. Micah Joseph Bin Gorion, 1865-1921)
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                            • found: Bin-Gorion, E. ʻOlam ṿe-ʻolamot bo, c1986: t.p. (M.Y. Berdits'esḳi (Bin Goryon)) t.p. verso (M.I. Berdyczevski (Bin Gorion) [in rom.])
                            • found: Roman gamur, 1997: t.p. (Mikhah Yosef Berdits'evsḳi) t.p. verso (M.Y. Berdyczewski [in rom.])
                            • found: His Shmuesen, 1902: t.p. (Mikhah Yosef Berdiṭsheṿsḳi; M.I. Berdichevskiĭ [in cyr.])
                            • found: Altjüdische Legenden, 1922: t.p. (M.J. bin Gorion)
                            • found: German Wikipedia, June 17, 2013 (Micha Josef Berdyczewski; b. Aug. 7, 1865 in Medz͡hybiz͡h, western Ukraine; d. Nov. 18, 1921 in Berlin, Germany; Ukrainian-born writer of Hebrew, journalist; scholar of pre-modern Jewish myths and legends; published in Hebrew, Yiddish; and German; worked in Breslau, Germany, 1901-1911, and Berlin, Germany, 1911-1921; attended Volozhin Yeshiva; studied at the rabbinical seminary in Breslau, the universities of Breslau, Berlin, and Bern, Switzerland, 1890-1900)
                            • found: Britannica online, April 29, 2016 (Micah Joseph Berdichevsky, pseudonym Micah Joseph Bin Gorion (born Aug. 19, 1865, Medzhibozh, Podolia, Russian Empire [now Medzhybizh, Ukraine]--died Nov. 18, 1921, Berlin, Ger.) author of works in Hebrew, German, and Yiddish; author of enduring reconstructions of Jewish legends and folklore; studied for a time at the yeshiva at Volozhin (now Valozhyn, Belarus) and then entered the University of Breslau (now Wrocław, Pol.) at the age of 25; spent the last 10 years of his life in Berlin, working as a dentist and re-creating with insight and poetic appreciation portions of the Haggada; his stories all deal with the travails of Jewish life; his essays contain literary criticism, polemics against the dead hand of Jewish tradition, and idealizations of Ḥasidism; in the opinion of some authorities, Berdichevsky's most enduring contribution to literature is his retelling of the Haggadic stories) {}
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                            • PJ5053.B55
                            • PJ5129.B563
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