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Nzinga, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663

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    • Ana de Sousa, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663
    • Jinga Mbandi, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663
    • Sousa, Ana de, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663
    • Zingha, Anne, 1582-1663
    • Zingha, Anna, 1582-1663
    • Zingha, Ann, 1582-1663
    • Njinga, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663
    • Nzingha, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663
    • Nzinga a Mbandi, Queen of Matamba, 1582-1663
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        1583Dictionary of African Biography
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  • Sources

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    • found: Dictionary of African Biography, accessed February 24, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database:(Nzinga a Mbandi; Dona Ana de Sousa; queen, warrior; born 1583 in Ndongo kingdom, Angola; sealed the accord between Ndongo and Portugal (1622); made alliance with Portuguese and became Christian; succession to the throne (1624); exiled from Ndongo to Kwanza River islands after confrontations with Portuguese, established army fortress and blocked trade routes to Luanda; went to Matamba and commanded military fortress and battled the Portuguese army (1640s); exiled from Ndongo and allied with the Dutch, but were defeated; accepted diplomatic agreement, returned to Catholicism and allowed missionaries to reside in Matamba (1656); a dynasty in her name in northeast of Angola was initiated; died 1663, place unknown)
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