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Anastasius, Sinaita, Saint, active 640-700

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  • Variants

    • us: Anastasios, of Sinai, Saint, active 640-700
    • us: Anastasio, Sinaito, Saint, active 640-700
    • us: Anastasios, Sinaitēs, Saint, active 640-700
    • us: Sinaita, Anastasius, Saint, active 640-700
    • us: Sinaitēs, Anastasios, Saint, active 640-700
    • us: Sinaito, Anastasio, Saint, active 640-700
    • us: Anastasiĭ, Sinaĭski, avva, active 640-700
    • us: Sinaĭski, Anastasiĭ, avva, active 640-700
    • us: Anastase, le Sinaïte, active 640-700
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        • Organization: Saint Catherine (Monastery : Mount Sinai)
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        Sinai, Egypt
    • Associated Locale

        Alexandria, Egypt
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            • Earlier Established Forms

              • Anastasius Sinaita, Saint, fl. 640-700
              • Anastasius, Sinaita, Saint, fl. 640-700
              • Sinaitēs, Anastasios, d. ca. 609
            • Sources

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              • found: Encyclopedia Britannica (Anastasius Sinaita, Saint, fl. 7th cent.; author of Hodegos, abbot of Mt. Sinai monastery)
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              • found: Quaestiones et responsiones. English, 2011: title page (Anastasios of Sinai) pages 9-10 (monk-priest of the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai; born on the island of Cyprus, probably before 649; died after the year 700; described in later accounts as hegoumenos or abbot, but there is no evidence that he ever became abbot of St. Catherine's)
              • found: Eikona kai logos : eikonologika scholia ston Anastasio Sinaitē, 1999: p. 13 (Information on the life that has been preserved about this important theologian of the 7 cent. A.D. is scanty. The place and year of his birth as well as his broad activities in life are unknown. His death is believed to have taken place around 609 A.D.)
              • found: Omelia sul Salmo 6, 2012: title page (Anastasio Sinaito) page 438 (born ca. 610, died 701)
              • found: Wikipedia, 4 December 2012 (Anastasius Sinaita; Saint Anastasius Sinaita; Anastasius of Sinai; Anastasios of Sinai; prolific 7th century Greek ecclesiastical writer, priest, monk, abbot of Saint Catherine's Monastery at Mt. Sinai)
              • found: Britannica online, academic edition, 4 December 2012 (Saint Anastasius Sinaita, flourished 7th century, feast day April 21; theologian, abbot of the Monastery of St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai)
              • found: Anastasios of Sinai, via WWW, viewed 4 December 2012 (Anastasios of Sinai, also called Anastasius Sinaita, was a monk and priest in the monastery at Mount Sinai during the second half of the seventh century; birthplace traditionally given as Alexandria, but more likely born in Amathos on the island of Cyprus; entered the monastery approximately 660; died after 700)
              • found: Vŭprosi i otgovori, 2011: title page (avva Anastasiĭ Sinaĭski)
              • found: Anastasius, Sinaita, Saint. Trois homélies, 2013: title page (Anastase le Sinaïte)
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