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us: Dioscorides Pedanius, of Anazarbos

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  • Variants

    • us: Anazarbos, Dioscorides Pedanius of
    • us: Dioscorides, Pedanius, of Anazarbos
    • us: Dioscurides
    • us: Dioskouridēs, ho Anazarveus
    • us: Dioskurides, Pedanios, aus Anazarbos
    • us: Diosukoridesu, Anazaruba
    • us: Diyāsqūrīdūs
    • us: Diyusqūrīdūs
    • us: Pedaccus Dioscorides, Anazarbaeus
    • us: Pedacio Dioscórides, Anazarbeo
    • us: Pedanios Dioskourides, Anazarveus
    • us: Pedanius, Dioscorides, of Anazarbos
    • us: ديسقوريدس
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Dioscorides, Pedanius, of Anazarbos
  • Sources

    • found: Encycl. Brit. (Dioscorides, Pedanius (b. ca. A.D. 40, Anazarbus, Cilicia; d. ca. 90) Greek physician)
    • found: Encycl. amer. (Dioscorides Pedanius)
    • found: Collier's (Dioscorides Pedanius)
    • found: Oxford class. dict. (Dioscorides Pedanius, of Anazarbus)
    • found: Papyros-Larous. (Dioskouridēs ho Anazarveus ē Tarseus, called also Pedfanios, because of his Roman citizenship)
    • found: Pauly-Wissowa. (Pedanios Dioskourides Anazarveus)
    • found: Dioscurides triumphans, 1988: v. 2, p. 38 (Pedanios Dioskurides aus Anazarbos)
    • found: His Diosukoridesu no yakubutsushi, 1983: pref., etc. (b/d dates unknown; Anazaruba shusshin no Diosukoridesu [in Jpn (not an epithet): Dioscorides, native of Anazarbos]; army doctor during periods of Nero & Vespasianus; sp.: botany & pharmacology; authored Yakubutsugaku, ca. 77-78 B.C.)
    • found: Codex Vindobonensis med. Gr. 1, 1965 t.p. (Dioscurides)
    • found: His Kräuterbuch, 1614: t.p. (Pedacci Dioscoridis Anazarbaei)
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    • 2014-01-30: revised
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