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us: Danmarks radio. Symfoniorkestret

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  • Variants

    • us: Danmarks radio. Radiosymfoniorkestret
    • us: Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    • us: Danmarks radios symfoniorkester
    • us: Danmarks radio. Symphony Orchestra
    • us: Danish Symphony Orchestra
    • us: DNR Symphony Orchestra
    • us: Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
    • us: DNRSO
    • us: Dänisches Radio-Sinfonieorchester Kopenhagen
    • us: Dänisches Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Kopenhagen
    • us: Dänisches Nationales Rundfunk-Symphonieorchester
    • us: Orchestre symphonique de la Radio nationale danoise
    • us: Dänisches Nationales Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester
    • us: Orchestre national de la Radio danoise
    • us: Danish National RSO
    • us: Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR
    • us: Radiosymfoniorkestret (Denmark)
    • us: Danish National Symphony Orchestra
    • us: Dänisches Nationalorchester DR
    • us: DR Radiosymfoniorkestret
  • Later Established Forms

    • us: DR SymfoniOrkestret
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Danmarks radio. Radiosymfoniorkestret
    • Statsradiofoniens symfoniorkester (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Sources

    • found: Haydn, J. Concerto in D major, Hob. XVIII, 2, for harpsichord and string orchestra [SR] p1982: labels (Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra)
    • found: LC manual auth. cd. (hdg.: Danmarks radio. Radiosymfoniorkestret)
    • found: Riemann. Sachteil (Danmarks Radio-Symfoniork.; before 1960: Statsradiofoniens Symfoniork.)
    • found: Gade, N.W. Symfoni nr. 8, h-moll, opus 47 [SR] p1980: labels (Danmarks radios symfoniorkester)
    • found: Sohlmans musiklex., c1975: p. 195 (Danmarks radio: Radiosymfoniorkestret, Danmarks radio; f. in 1928 as Statsradiofoniens symfoniork.)
    • found: Ruders, P. Works [SR] p1988: container (Danish Symphony Orchestra)
    • found: Nielsen, C. Choral works [SR] p1990: label (DNR Symphony Orchestra) container (Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra)
    • found: Sibelius, J. Symphony no. 4 in A minor op. 63 [SR] p1991: label (Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra) container spine (DNRSO)
    • found: Greek symphonies, p1990: container (Dänisches Radio-Sinfonieorchester Kopenhagen; Dänisches Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Kopenhagen)
    • found: Segerstam, L. Orchestral works [SR] p1992: label (Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra) program notes (Dänische Nationale Rundfunk-Symphonieorchester; Orchestre symphonique de la Radio nationale danoise; founded 1925)
    • found: Nielsen, C. Orchestral works [SR] p1994: insert (the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra; das Dänische Nationale Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester; l'Orchestre national de la Radio danoise)
    • found: Koppel, H.D. Moses, p1996: label (Danish National RSO) container (Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra)
    • found: Holms vision, c2000: cover (Radiosymfoniorkestret)
    • found: Nørgård, P. Symphony no. 6 "At the end of the day" [SR] p2002: label (Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR)
    • found: Danish National Symphony Orchestra WWW site Sept. 6, 2002: banner (Radiosymfoniorkestret = Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR)
    • found: Brahms, J. Triumphlied [SR] p2004: label (Danish National Symphony Orchestra)
    • found: Schmidt, O. Concertos [SR] p2005: label (Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR) insert (das Dänische Nationalorchester/DR; DR Radiosymfoniorkestret)
    • notfound: Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, P. Plateaux [SR] p2008: label (Danish National Symphony Orchestra) insert (DR-Sinfonieorchester; DR Symfoniorkestret)
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    • 2014-12-03: revised
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