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us: Nilus, of Ancyra, Saint, -approximately 430

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  • Variants

    • us: Nil, d'Ancyre, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nil, l'Ascète, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nil Sinaĭskiĭ, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilo, di Ancira, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilo, il Solitario, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilus, Ancyranus, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilus, Asceta, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilus, of Ancyra, Saint, d. ca. 430
    • us: Nilus, of Sinai, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilus, Sinaita, Saint, -approximately 430
    • us: Nilus, the Elder, Saint, d. ca. 430
    • us: Ps.-Nilus, -approximately 430
    • us: Нил Синайский, Saint, -approximately 430
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        (edtf) 0430~
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  • Earlier Established Forms

      Nilus, of Ancyra, Saint, d. ca. 430Nilus,of Ancyra, Saint,d. ca. 430 Nilus, the Elder, Saint, d. ca. 430Nilus,the Elder, Saint,d. ca. 430
  • Sources

    • found: His Gli scritti siriaci di Nilo il solitario, 1983: t.p. (Nilo il solitario) p. v (Nil) p. xi (Nil d'Ancyre)
    • found: Holweck, 1924 (Nilus, "the Elder," "the Faster," "the Wise," or "the Sinaite," d. about 430)
    • found: Delaney, J.J. Dict. of cath. biog., 1961 (Nilus the Elder, St., d. ca. 430?; some authorities believe there were two Niluses; the writer, also called "the Wise," was a monk in Ancyra, Galatia)
    • found: New Cath. encyc. (Nilus of Ancyra, St., 5th-cent. abbot, d. ca. 430; modern misnomer: Nilus of Sinai)
    • found: LC data base, 6-20-84 (hdg.: Nilus Ancyranus, Saint, d. ca. 430) LC manual auth. cd. (variants: Nilus Asceta; Nilus Sinaita)
    • found: Commentaire sur le Cantique des cantiques, 1994- : t. 1, t.p. (Nil d'Ancyre)
    • found: Quasten, Patrology: v. 3, p. 496, etc. (Nilus of Ancyra, abbot of a monastery near Ancyra (Ankara), d. ca. 430)
    • found: Lampe, Patristic Greek lexicon (Nilus Ancyranus)
    • found: "Aux cimes de l'intelligible--", c1997: t.p. (Saint Nil l'Ascète)
    • found: History and hagiography from the late antique Sinai, 2009: p. 74 (Nilus of Ancyra (hence 'Ps.-Nilus'))
    • found: Mir uma Khristova, 2009: t.p. (Prepodobnyĭ Nil Sinaĭskiĭ)
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