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Kirovohrad (Ukraine)

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    • Kirovograd (Ukraine)
    • Kirovograd, Russia
    • Elisavetgrad (Ukraine)
    • Elizavetgrad (Ukraine)
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    • Sources

      • found: Korzun, I. Kirovohrad, 1983:t.p. (Kirovohrad; Kirovograd)
      • found: Col.-Lipp. gaz., 1970:p. 954 (Kirovograd; earlier names: Yelizavetgrad, Zinovyevsk, Kirovo [no publs. in LC data base])
      • found: LC PreMARC file(hdg.: Kirovograd, Russia)
      • found: Ukraïna [MAP] 1992:(Kirovohrad; center of Kirovohradsʹka oblastʹ)
      • found: Nat. Geogr. Soc. Russia and the newly independent nations of the former USSR [MAP] March, 1993:(Ukraine: Kirovohrad)
      • found: Encyc. of Ukraine:v. 2, p. 558-559 (Kirovohrad: Established in 1754 on Zaporozhian Cossack territory as the fortress of St. Elizabeth, which was built to protect the Russian Empire's southern frontier, as well as to safeguard the Balkan settlers of New Serbia. In 1775 the town that had grown up around the fort was named Yelysavethrad [no publs. in LC data base]. This town eventually became a county (povit) center in New Russia Guberniia from (1764-83, 1797-1801), then it became the center of Katerynoslav and Voznesensk Vicegerencies (1784-1797) and the center of Kherson Guberniia (1802-1828, 1815-1925). From 1828 to 1860 Yelysavethrad was a major garrison city under martial law as it became a center for the military settlements in Southern Ukraine. In 1917 the city was occupied by Free Cossacks and by Ukrainian Sich rifleman. Prolonged fighting took place in Yelysavethrad in the Spring of 1919. By 1925 the city and its industries had been rebuilt. Yelysavethrad was renamed Zinovivske in 1924 [no publs. in LC data base], Kirove in 1934 [no publs. in LC data base], and finally Kirovohrad in 1939. It was a okruha center in 1923, and a raion center from 1930. In 1939 the city became the center of Kirovohrad oblast)
      • found: Rad. ent͡sykl. istoriï Ukraïny:v. 2, p. 383-384 (Kirovohrad: until 1934 named I͡Elysavethrad [no publs. in LC data base]; from 1934-1939 named Kirove [no publs. in LC data base]. A city and oblast center in Ukrainian SSR. The city developed from the fortress of St. I͡Elysavety which was built in 1754, and which subsequently became the administrative center of Nova Serbii͡a. From 1764 the fort was part of the Novorossiĭska hubernii͡a. By 1775 the fortress and the settled population around the fort was named I͡Elysavethrad. The city in turn became the povit center of Katerynoslavsʹke namisnyt͡stvo during 1784-1795; then of Voznesensʹke namisnyt͡stvo during 1795-1797. It then was to become the center of Novorosiĭsʹka (1797-1801), Mykolaïvsʹka (1802) and Khersonsʹka (1803-1828) hubernii͡a. From 1828-1864 I͡Elysavethrad was designated as a military residence and seat of government. In 1865 it again became the povit center of Khersonsʹka hubernii͡a. During the rest of the 19th century I͡Elyzavethrad became an industrialcity. In March 1918 the city was occupied by Austro-Hungarian troops. In Feb. 1919 the city was liberated by Red Army forces. In Aug. 1919 the city was occupied by Denikin's White Army but again was liberated by Soviet troops in Jan. 1920. From 1923 I͡Elyzavethrad became an okruha center and in 1939 it became an oblast center)
      • found: BGN per phone, 10-26-84(Kirovograd, popl. 48°30ʹN 32°18ʹE)
      • found: Malenʹkiĭ Parizh. 2005:t.p. (Elisavetgrad) intro (Elisavetgrad; later named Kirovograd)
      • found: Верховна Рада України web site, 21 December 2016(Регіони України та їх склад: Кропивницький, Кіровоградська область; Офіційно затведжено місто у 1765 і 1782 рр. з найменуванням Єлисаветград. З 1934р. - м Кірове, з 1939р. - м Кіровоград.,м Кропивницький - 14.07.2016)
      • notfound: Russian Brockhaus: v. 11, p. 614 (Elizavetgrad [no publs. in LC data base]; town in Khersonskai͡a gubernīi͡a; founded as the fortress of Sv. Elizavety in 1754; in 1775 it was officially named Elizavetgrad)
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