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us: Puente, Tito, 1923-2000

  • [Individual was a Grammy awardee.]
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  • Variants

    • us: Puente, Ernest Anthony, 1923-2000
    • us: Puente, Ernesto Antonio, 1923-2000
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

    • Death Date

    • Birth Place

        (naf) New York (N.Y.)
    • Death Place

        (naf) New York (N.Y.)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) United States
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: (naf) Juilliard School of Music
        • Organization: (naf) Tito Puente Orchestra
        • Organization: (naf) Orquesta Sinfónica de Puerto Rico
    • Gender

    • Occupation

        (lcsh) Composers
          (lcsh) Arrangers (Musicians)
            (lcsh) Percussionists
              (lcsh) Jazz musicians
          • Sources

            • found: His El rey [SR] p1984: label (Tito Puente, arranger bandleader) container (b. 4/20/23 in New York City)
            • found: His Mambo macoco [SR] p1992: label (Tito Puente) program notes (b. Ernest Anthony Puente Jr.)
            • found: Feather, L.G. Bio. enc. of jazz, 1999 (Puente, Tito (Ernesto Antonio Jr.); b. Apr. 20, 1925, New York City; vibraphone, timbales, percussion, leader)
            • found: Enc. of pop. mus., 3rd ed. (Puente, Tito; b. Ernesto Antonio Puente Jnr., Apr. 20, 1923, New York City, of Puerto Rican parentage)
            • found: New York times, June 2, 2000: p. 1 (Tito Puente, 77, d. May 31, New York) p. B11 (b. Ernest Anthony Puente, Apr. 20, 1923, New York)
            • found: Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience, Second Edition, accessed March 13, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database: (Puente, Ernesto Antonio (Tito); Tito Puente; bandleader, composer, arranger, percussionist, jazz musician, multi-instrumentalist; born 1923 in New York, New York, United States; studied music theory, orchestration, and conducting at the Juilliard School of Music in New York (1945); formed Tito Puente Orchestra (1940s); promoted the Mambo craze (1940s), popularized the chachachá sound (1950s) and Salsa (1970s); released over one hundred albums; received Grammy Awards for A Tribute to Benny Moré (1979), On Broadway (1983), Mambo Diablo (1985), and Goza mi timbal (1989); was declared a Living Legend by the U.S. Library of Congress (April 2000); played with Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra in Puerto Rico; died 2000 in New York, New York, United States)
          • LC Classification

            • ML419.P82
          • General Notes

            • [Individual was a Grammy awardee.]
          • Change Notes

            • 1985-02-06: new
            • 2015-05-25: revised
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