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Hyginus, C. Julius

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  • Fuller Name

    • Gaius Julius
  • Variants

    • Hyginus, Gaius Julius
    • Hyginus, Gaius Iulius
    • Igino, C. Giulio
    • Hygin
    • Igino
    • Hyginius
    • Hyginus, C. Iulius
    • Hyginus, Caius Julius
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  • Sources

    • found: Hyginus. L'astronomie, 1983:t.p. (Hygin) p. xxxii, etc. (C. Julius Hyginus; librarian to Augustus; originally from Spain, perhaps Alexandria; brought as slave to Rome by Caesar ca. 45 at age 19; freedman; wrote De Apibus, De Agricultura; several scholars attribute authorship of De Astronomica to the librarian)
    • found: Oxf. class. dic., 1970(Hyginus (1) Gaius Julius; Spaniard, perhaps from Alexandria; brought to Rome by Caesar; freedman of Augustus; wrote De Agricultura, De Apibus. (3) two extant Latin works cannot be identified with Augustus' freedman; (a) Genealogiae, usual title: Fabulae; (b) a manual of astronomy)
    • found: Fordyce, Christian James. "Hyginus (1), Gaius Iulius," in Oxford classical dictionary, online edition, January 24, 2019:("Gaius Iulius Hyginus (1), a Spaniard (according to another account, an Alexandrian brought to Rome by Caesar), a freedman of Augustus, appointed by him librarian of the Palatine Library ... His writings, now lost, covered a wide range of scholarship ... Some recent editors, but not all (P.K. Marshall (ed.), Fab. (Teubner, 1992), ix n. 9), identify this Hyginus with Hyginus (3), author of works on fable and astronomy")
    • found: Fordyce, Christian James. "Hyginus (3)," in Oxford classical dictionary, online edition, January 24, 2019:("Hyginus (3), author of two works in mediocre Latin, whom some scholars identify with (Hyginus (1)), but others place in the 2nd cent. CE. (a) Genealogiae, a handbook of mythology compiled from Greek sources ... the extant text was produced under the now usual title Fabulae by J. Micyllus (Basel, 1535) ... (b) A manual of astronomy and associated myths")
    • found: LC data base, 11-13-84(hdg.: Hyginus, C. Julius)
    • found: Schöne, R.Zu Hyginus und Hero.
    • found: His L'Astronomia, 1988:t.p. (C. Giulio Igino) p. vii (Igino)
    • found: Clarissimi uiri Hyginii Poeticon astronomicon, 1485, via HathiTrust, January 25, 2019:caption title (Clarissimi viri Hyginii Poeticon astronomicon)
    • found: Hyginius von den xij Zaiche[n] vnd xxxvj Pildern des hymels mit yedes stern, 1491(not by Hyginus)
    • found: Schmidt, Peter L. "Hyginus, C. Iulius" (English version), in Brill's new Pauly online, January 18, 2019(Hyginus, C. Julius; "a) A philologist and polymath of the Augustan era from Spain or Alexandria; a freedman of Augustus who served as the prefect of the Palatine library after 28 BC while simultaneously engaging in extensive teaching activities ... His substantial œuvre includes works of philology ... history ... and agriculture ... Numerous fragments have survived. Of his collection of political biographies, De viris illustribus ... the book De excellentibus ducibus exterarum gentium has been preserved ... b) Probably by the same author ... is a handbook of astronomy and mythology in 4 vols. ... c) Based on this attribution ... another mythological handbook may also be reunited with its original author and title: the Genealogiae (Fabulae in later sources)")
    • found: Peter, Hermann Wilhelm Gottlob. Veterum historicorum Romanorum reliquiae, 1906, via, January 18, 2019:v. 2, page CI (C. Iulius Hyginus: "Vt Hyginos illos, qui libros de astrologia et genealogias siue fabulas scripserunt uel scripsisse dicuntur, omittamus, de C. lulio Hygino liberto Augusti, quocum illi nil nisi Hygini nomen commune habent ...")
    • found: Le Bœuffle, A. "Recherches sur Hygin," in Revue des études latines, v. 43 (1965), pages 275-294:pages 286-287 (there are several people named Hyginus, including "le mythographe Hygin," whom most scholars believe to be the author of both the Fables and the Astronomica; there is archaeological evidence (Hyginus' fables 120 and 121 depicted on a silver vessel) that the Fables were published in the Augustan era; therefore the mythographer Hyginus should probably be identified with the homonynous grammarian of that era who was prefect of the imperial library, C. Julius Hyginus) page 289, note 1 ("Ibis" in Ovid's poem of this title is possibly Hyginus)
    • found: Hygini De astronomia, 1992:title page (edidit Ghislaine Viré) page III (Viré accepts the identification of "Hygin[us] mythograph[us]" with the freedman whom Augustus placed in charge of the Palatine library)
    • found: Conte, Gian Biagio. Latin literature, c1994, via Google Books preview, January 24, 2019 :page 386 ("A freedman of Augustus, Gaius Julius Hyginus, who was either a Spaniard (according to Suetonius) or from Alexandria (according to others), was placed in charge of one of these libraries, the Palatine (this Hyginus should not be confused with the somewhat later mythographer, author of a collection of Fabulae)")
    • found: Hain, L. Repertorium bibliographicum, v. 2, 1831:page 116 (Hyginus (C. Iulius))
    • found: "Gaius Julius Hyginus," in Wikipedia, January 24, 2019("Gaius Julius Hyginus (c. 64 BC-AD 17) was a Latin author ... and a freedman of Caesar Augustus. He was elected superintendent of the Palatine library by Augustus according to Suetonius' De Grammaticis. It is not clear whether Hyginus was a native of the Iberian Peninsula or of Alexandria ... Hyginus was a voluminous author: his works included topographical and biographical treatises, commentaries on Helvius Cinna and the poems of Virgil, and disquisitions on agriculture and bee-keeping. All these are lost. Under the name of Hyginus there are extant what are probably two sets of school notes abbreviating his treatises on mythology; one is a collection of Fabulae ('stories'), the other a 'Poetical astronomy'")
    • found: "De Astronomica," in Wikipedia, January 24, 2019 ("De Astronomica, also known as Poeticon Astronomicon, is a book of stories whose text is attributed to 'Hyginus,' though the true authorship is disputed. During the Renaissance, the work was attributed to the Roman historian Gaius Julius Hyginus who lived during the 1st century BC. However, the fact that the book lists most of the constellations north of the ecliptic in the same order as Ptolemy's Almagest (written in the 2nd century) has led many to believe that a more recent Hyginus or Pseudo-Hyginus created the text")
    • found: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, January 24, 2019:nid=119437627 (Hyginus, Gaius Iulius; life dates: approximately 64 B.C.-approximately 17 A.D.; librarian and grammatician; author of agricultural, philological, historical, geographical and antiquarian works; formerly works of Hyginus [Mythographus] were wrongly ascribed to him) nid=11896903X (Hyginus, Mythographus; life dates: approximately 2nd century A.D.; author of Fabulae (Genealogiae) and Astronomica; identity with Hyginus, Gaius Iulius not established; since his works only survive under the name "Hyginus" (without praenomen and nomen gentile), a false identification was made with the well-known Augustinian Gaius Iulius Hyginus; that is, his works were formerly ascribed to C. Iulius Hyginus) - -
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    • [Identification with author or authors of works on fable and astronomy (Fabulae and Poetica astronomica) is disputed.]
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