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Communist Information Bureau

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  • Variants

    • Informbiro
    • Kominform
    • Cominform
    • Informationsbüro der Kommunistischen Parteien
    • Informbi͡uro
    • Informat͡sionnoe bi͡uro kommunisticheskikh i rabochikh partiĭ
    • Informat͡sionnoe bi͡uro kommunisticheskikh partiĭ
    • Information Bureau
    • Information Bureau of the Communist Parties
    • Bureau d'Information
    • Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties
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    • Sources

      • found: Štrbac, Č. Jugoslavija i odnosi između socijalističkih zemalja, 1984:t.p. (... Informbiroa)
      • found: Verteidigung des Friedens und Kampf gegen ... 1949?:cover (Informationsbüros der Kommunistischen Parteien)
      • found: Encyc. Americana(Cominform)
      • found: American Academic Encyc.(Cominform)
      • found: LC data base, 3-5-85(hdg.: Communist Information Bureau; usage: Informbiro; Kominform)
      • found: The Cominform, c1994:p. 11 (Information Bureau) p. 670 (Informbi͡uro; Informat͡sionnoe bi͡uro kommunisticheskikh partiĭ; Information Bureau of the Communist Parties) p. 961 (Bureau d'Information)
      • found: Encyc. Brit. Mocropaedia:v. 3, p. 35 (Cominform; name given to the Communist Information Bureau. As an agency of international communism, the Cominform was founded under Soviet auspices at Wilcza Góra, Poland in Sept. 1947, and disbanded by Soviet initiative on April 17, 1956. It was established with nine members, the most vehement supporters being the Yugoslav communists under Tito. Because of this Belgrade was selected as the first site of the Cominform. In June 1948 Tito's party was expelled from the Cominform and the seat of the bureau was moved to Bucharest. The main activities of the Cominform were in publishing propaganda and encouraging international communist solidarity, but like the Comintern before it, the Cominform served more as a tool of Soviet propaganda than as an agent of international revolution)
      • found: Bolʹsh. sov. ėnt͡sikl., 3rd ed:v. 10, p. 351 (Informat͡sionnoe bi͡uro kommunisticheskikh i rabochikh partiĭ; an international center of several communist and workers' parties which existed from 1947 to 1956 whose aim was to exchange information and experiences between parties and to coordinate their activities. The seat of activites were Belgrade (1947-48) and then Bucharest (1948-56))
      • found: Bolʹsh. sov. ėnt͡sikl., 2nd ed:v. 18, p. 329 (Informat͡sionnoe bi͡uro kommunisticheskikh i rabochikh partiĭ. Informbi͡uro was established in in Sept. 1947 in Poland by a resolution of an information conference of certain communist parties)
      • found: For a lasting peace, for a people's democracy, Apr. 1, 1948-Apr. 17, 1956:t.p. (Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers' Parties)
      • notfound: LC data base, 3-5-85 (hdgs.: Communist International; Conference of Communist and Workers' Parties);Bolʹsh. sov. ėnt͡sikl., 3rd ed: v. 12, p. 574 (article under Kommunisticheskiĭ Internat͡sional (Komintern); in May 1943 the Komintern was disbanded; under new circumstances in the post-war period Leninist principles received further development in the documents of the Mezhdunarodnye soveshchanii͡a kommunisticheskikh i rabochikh partiĭ);Organizat͡sionnai͡a struktura Kominterna, 1919-1943, 1997: t.p. verso (in June 1943 the Komintern was disbanded and in its place was established the Otdel mezhdunarodnoĭ informat͡sii T͡SK VKP(b) [no publs. in LC data base]) p. 228-241 (the Otdel mezhdunarodnoĭ informat͡sii T͡SK VKP(b) was originally composed of two institutes, one Osobyĭ apparat, one Telegrafnoe agentstvo, one zagranichnye bi͡uro kommunisticheskikh partiĭ, and two Sekretariat. On 29 Dec. 1945 by decree of the Politbi͡uro T͡SK VKP(b) the Otdel mezhdunarodnoĭ informat͡sii was replaced by the Otdel vneshneĭ politiki [no publs. in LC data base], which was headed by M. Suslov)
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