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us: Maskin, Eric

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  • Variants

    • us: Maskin, E. (Eric)
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

    • Associated Locale

        (naf) United States
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: (naf) Harvard University. Department of Economics
        • Affiliation Start: 1985
        • Affiliation End: 2000
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: (naf) Harvard University. Department of Economics
        • Affiliation Start: 2012
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: (naf) Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, N.J.). School of Social Science
        • Affiliation Start: 2000
        • Affiliation End: 2011
    • Has Affiliation

        • Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        • Affiliation Start: 1977
        • Affiliation End: 1984
    • Gender

    • Associated Language

    • Occupation

        (lcsh) Economists
    • Sources

      • found: Grossman, S.J. Unemployment with observable aggregate shocks, 1982: t.p. (Eric Maskin)
      • found: Recent developments in game theory, 1999: CIP t.p. (Eric S. Maskin; Berkman Prof. of Economics, Harvard) data sh. (b. 12-12-1950)
      • found: Why haven't global markets reduced inequality? 2008: title page (E. Maskin, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)
      • found: IAS School of Social Science website, viewed Aug. 14, 2015 (Eric Maskin; former Albert O. Hirschman Professor of Economics (2000-2012); best known for his work on the theory of mechanism design, for which he shared the 2007 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics; he has also made contributions in theory of income inequality, study of intellectual property rights, and political economy)
      • found: Harvard University website, Department of Economics/Faculty of Arts and Sciences, viewed Aug. 14, 2015 (Eric Maskin, Adams University Professor; he received his A.B. and Ph.D. from Harvard; he was a faculty member at MIT 1977-1984, Harvard 1985-2000, and the Institute for Advanced Study 2000-2011; he rejoined the Harvard faculty in 2012) curriculum vitae (A.B. in mathematics 1972, A.M. in applied mathematics 1974, Ph.D. in applied mathematics 1976, all from Harvard)
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      • 1985-03-18: new
      • 2015-08-15: revised
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