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Aaron (Biblical priest)

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  • Variants

    • Aron (Biblical priest)
    • אהרן (Biblical priest)
    • Aharon (Biblical priest)
    • Hārūn b. ʻImrān (Biblical priest)
    • هارون (Biblical priest)
    • Hārūn (Biblical priest)
    • Аарон (Biblical priest)
    • Ααρών (Biblical priest)
    • 아론 (Biblical priest)
    • Aronne (Biblical priest)
    • Aroni (Biblical priest)
    • Ārons (Biblical priest)
    • Aaronas (Biblical priest)
    • アロン (Biblical priest)
    • Aarão (Biblical priest)
    • Arão (Biblical priest)
    • Арон (Biblical priest)
    • Aaroona (Biblical priest)
    • אהרן, הכהן
    • Aharon, ha-Kohen
    • Áárọ́nì (Biblical priest)
    • 亞倫 (Biblical priest)
    • Yalun (Biblical priest)
    • Ya lun (Biblical priest)
  • Additional Information

    • Descriptor

        Biblical priest
    • Descriptor

        Brother of Moses
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Aaron, high priest of Israel
  • Sources

    • found: Schoenberg, A. Moses und Aron [SR] p1984.
    • found: LC data base, 5/3/85(hdg.: Aaron, high priest of Israel; usage: Aaron)
    • found: Enc. Judaica(Aaron; high priest)
    • found: Jewish enc.(Aaron; priest of Israel)
    • found: Universal Jewish enc.(Aaron; after revelation from Mt. Sinai, consecrated as high priest)
    • found: The encyclopaedia of Islam three, 2007-2:page 1 (Aaron is the biblical name for the brother of Moses, who is known as Hārūn b. ʻImrān [in roman] in the Qurʼān and Muslim tradition, with the Arabic form of the Hebrew name Aharōn [in roman] likely resulting from transmission through Syriac in pre-Islamic times)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 20, 2014(Aaron; In the Hebrew Bible and the Quran, Aaron was the older brother of Moses, (Exodus 6:16-20, 7:7; Qur'an 28:34), a prophet of God. He represented the priestly functions of his tribe, becoming the first High Priest of the Israelites) Arabic version of page (هارون = Hārūn) Belarusian page (Аарон = Aaron) Bulgarian page (Аарон = Aaron) Czech page (Árón) Danish page (Aron) Greek page (Ααρών = Aarōn) Spanish page (Aarón) Galician page (Aharón) Korean page (아론 = Aron) Indonesian page (Harun) Italian page (Aronne) Hebrew page (אהרן = Aharon) Swahili page (Aroni) Latvian page (Ārons) Lithuanian page (Aaronas) Japanese page (アロン = Aron) Portuguese page (Aarão (or Arão)) Serbian page (Арон = Aron) Turkish page (Harun) Wolof page (Aaroona) Yiddish page (אהרן הכהן = Aharon ha-Kohen) Yoruba page (Áárọ́nì) Chinese page (亞倫 = Yalun)
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