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us: Krumpholtz, Jean-Baptiste, 1747-1790

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  • Variants

    • us: Krumpholz, Jan Křtitel, 1742-1790
    • us: Krumpholc, Jan Křtitel, 1747-1790
    • us: Krumpholz, Johann Baptist, 1747-1790
    • us: Krumpholz, Jean-Baptiste, 1747-1790
    • us: Krumpholtz, Jan Křtitel, 1747-1790
    • us: Krumpholtz, Johann Baptist, 1747-1790
    • us: Krumpholz, J. B., 1747-1790
    • us: Krumpholtz, J. B., 1747-1790
    • us: Krumkholʹt͡s, Zh., 1747-1790
    • us: Крумхольц, Ж., 1747-1790
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

    • Death Date

    • Birth Place

        Prague, Czech Republic
    • Death Place

        Paris, France
    • Associated Locale

        Vienna, Austria
    • Gender

    • Field of Activity

        (lcsh) Harp music
          (lcsh) Composition (Music)
            (lcsh) Harp--Construction
          • Occupation

              (lcsh) Harpists
                (lcsh) Composers
                  (lcsh) Harp makers
              • Earlier Established Forms

                  Krumpholz, Jan Křtitel, 1742-1790Krumpholz, Jan Křtitel,1742-1790
              • Sources

                • found: Baux, M.-F. La harpe en France au XVIIIe siècle [SR] 197-: label (Krumpholz)
                • found: LC manual cat. (Krumpholz, Jan Křtitel, 1742-1790; usage: Johann Baptist Krumpholtz; Johann Baptist Krumpholz; Jean-Baptiste Krumpholz)
                • found: New Grove (Krumpholtz (Krumpholz) Jean-Baptiste (Johann Baptist; Jan Křtitel) Bohemian harpist and composer)
                • found: Kozak, J. Cesko koncertní umělci, 1964: p. 114 (Jan Křtitel Krumpholz)
                • found: Dlabacž, G.F. Künstler-Lex. für Böhmen, 1815, Bd. 2 (Krumpholz, J.B.)
                • found: His Sonata III for harp with flute ... c1987: caption (J.B. Krumpholtz, 1745[sic]-1790) cover (Johann B. Krumpholtz)
                • found: Krumpholz, J.K. Kont͡sert no. 5 dli͡a arfy s orkestrom, 1962: t.p (Ж. Крумхольц = Zh. KrumkholЋtЌs)
                • found: Müller, Miloš, 1927-. Jan Křtitel Krumpholtz, 1999: English summary (in Czech literature he is sometimes presented as Krumpholz or Krumpholc; he always signed himself as Krumpholtz and the birth register spells his father's name that way, so there is no reason to present his surname in any other way)
                • found: Grove Music Online, 25 July 2013 (Jean-Baptiste [Johann Baptist, Jan Křtitel] Krumpholtz; born 5 August 1747 in Prague, died 19 February 1790 in Paris; harpist, composer, and instrument designer; studied music in Vienna; arrived in Paris in 1777; adopted the name Jean-Baptiste; Krumpholtz was the most gifted and acclaimed harp virtuoso of the late 18th century and a prolific composer for the instrument; he is no less important for his efforts to perfect the harp)
                • found: Info. from BL Music Collections, 25 July 2013 (most of his music was published in Paris and reprinted in London under the name Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz)
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