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us: Shelomoh ben Ḥayim Ḥaiḳel

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  • Variants

    • us: Solomon ben Ḥayyim Chaikel
    • us: Chaikel, Solomon ben Ḥayyim
    • us: Ḥaiḳel, Shelomoh ben Ḥayim
    • us: Baʻal ha-Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah
    • us: Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah, Baʻal ha-
    • us: Elyashuv, Shelomoh ben Ḥayim Ḥaiḳel
    • us: Rashbaḥ
    • us: Elyashaʼuṿ, Shelomoh ben Ḥayim Ḥaiḳel
    • us: Shevaḥ
    • us: Shelomoh ben Ḥaiḳel
    • us: Elyasheṿ, Shelomoh
    • us: Elyashiv, Shelomoh
    • us: אלישיב, שלמה
    • us: בעל ״לשם שבו ואחלמה״
    • us: עליאשאוו, שלמה
    • us: עליאשאוו, שלמה בן חיים חייקל
    • us: שלמה בן חיים חייקיל
    • us: שלמה בן חיים חייקל
    • us: שלמה בן חיים חיקל
    • us: שלמה בן חייקל
    • us: שלמה ב״ר חיים חייקיל
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    • Sources

      • found: Vital, Ḥ.b.J. Sefer Derekh ʻets ḥayim, 1983: t.p. (Baʻal ha-Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah)
      • found: Harv. Univ. Libr. Cat. of Hebrew books, 1968 ([under title entry for Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah] usage: Shelomoh b.R. Ḥayim Ḥaiḳel)
      • found: Friedberg, L. Bet ʻeḳed sefarim, 1951 (Shelomoh b.R. Ḥayim Ḥaiḳel Elyashuv)
      • found: His Sefer Gilyonot Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah, 1988: t.p. (Shelomoh b. ha-r. ha-ts. R. Ḥayim Ḥaiḳel ʻElyashaʼuṿ z. ts. l.l.h.h.) p. 15, etc. (ha-Rashbaḥ; b. 12 Ṭevet 602; d. 27 Adar 686, in Jerusalem)
      • found: Sheloshah sefarim, 198- : t.p., 1st work (ha-Rav Shevaḥ; ha-Rav Shelomoh b.R. Ḥaiḳel)
      • found: ʻEtsato emunah, 1990: t.p. (Baʻal "Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah") p. 3 (Rabenu Shelomoh Elyasheṿ)
      • found: Hagadah shel Pesaḥ, 2003?: t.p. (Rabi Shelomoh Elyashiv, z/ ts. ṿe-ḳ.l.l.h.h.) p. 4 (Shelomoh Elyashiv ... meḥaber ha-sefarim "Leshem shevo ṿe-aḥlamah")
      • notfound: Enc. Judaica, 1971.
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      • [Cannot identify with: Solomon Shelemiel ben Ḥayyim.]
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