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Helena, Saint, approximately 255-approximately 330

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  • Variants

    • Flavia Julia Helena, approximately 255-approximately 330
    • Helen, Saint, approximately 255-approximately 330
    • Helena, Empress, consort of Constantius I, Emperor of Rome, approximately 255-approximately 330
    • Елена, святая, approximately 255-approximately 330
    • Elena, svi͡atai͡a, approximately 255-approximately 330
    • Elena, t͡sarit͡sa, approximately 255-approximately 330
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 0255~
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 0330~
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Helena, Saint, 246 (ca.)-326?
    • Helena, Saint, ca. 255-ca. 330
  • Sources

    • found: LCCN 66-29167: Daughters of St. Paul. Noble lady, 1966(hdg.: Helena, Saint, 246 (ca.)-326?; usage: St. Helen)
    • found: LC data base, 7/26/85(hdg.: Helena, Saint, 246 (ca.)-326?; usage: St. Helen)
    • found: Ency. Britannica, 1982(Helena (Helen), Saint, b. ca. 248, Drepanon? Bithynia; d. ca. 328, Nicomedia; Roman empress, reputed discoverer of Christ's cross; married to Roman emperor, Constantius I Chlorus, who renounced her; Her son, Constantine I the Great became emperor, and made her empress dowager; she later became a Christian)
    • found: New Cath. ency., 1981(Helena, St.; b. 255; d. 330)
    • found: BLC, 1979(Helen, Saint, Empress Consort of Constantius I, Emperor of Rome)
    • found: Americana, 1975(Helena, Saint; c. 255-330)
    • found: Colliers, 1973(Helena, St.; c. 250-c. 330)
    • found: Pauly-Wissowa, 1910-1912(Flavia Julia Helena; war um das J. 257 geboren, da sie um 336 vor dem vollendeten achtzigsten Jahre starb)
    • found: Srednevekovoe predanie o Konstantine Velikom i ego materi svi͡atoĭ t͡sarit͡se Elene, 2012:t.p. (святой царице Елене = svЋiЌatoІi ЋtЌsariЋtЌse Elene) page 8, etc. (svЋiЌataЋiЌa Elena)
    • found: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America (Website), viewed on Jan. 19, 2018under St. Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine, Equal of the Apostles (born at Drepanum in Asia Minor to parents of humble means; married Constantius Chlorus, who divorced her in 294; after he became emperor, her son constantine gave her the imperial title Augusta; she "entered into the Eternal Kingdom in 327")
    • found: Roman women, 2001p. 142 (Flavia Julia Helena; Helena; Helen; it has been debated whether Helena was the wife or concubine of Constantius; date of death varies between 326 and 336; some sources claim she was born in Drepanon)
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