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Muḥammad ʻAlī Bāshā, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849

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  • Variants

    • ʻAlī Pasha, Muḥammad, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mehemet Ali, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Méhémet Ali, le grand, 1769-1849
    • Mehmed Ali, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mehmed Ali Paşa, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mehmed Ali Pasha, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mehmet Ali, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mehmet Ali Paşa, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mehmet Ali Paşa, Kavalalı, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Mohammed Ali, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Muhamed Ali Pasha, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Muhammad Ali, Governor of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • Muḥammad ʻAlī, Wali of Egypt, 1769-1849
    • מחמד עלי, פאשא, מושל מצרים, 1769־1849
    • محمد علي
    • محمد علي باشا
    • محمد علي باشا، 1769-1849
    • محمد علي باشا، Governor of Egypt، 1769-1849
    • محمد علي باشا، والي مصر
    • محمد علي، خديو مصر
    • محمد على باشا، حاكم مصر، 1769-1849
    • محمد على پاشا
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Muhammad ʻAlī, Khedive of Egypt, 1769-1849
  • Sources

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    • found: Encyclopedia of World Biography, viewed online November 11, 2014(Muhammad Ali Pasha, Often referred to as the founder of modern Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha (c. 1769-1849) was an Ottoman Turkish military leader who ruled Egypt for much of his adult life, amassing such military power that he was able to threaten the rule of the Ottoman Sultan himself. The reforms undertaken by Muhammad Ali as he centralized his power brought the foundations of modern statehood to Egypt. He put in place a vast military and economic apparatus financed by efficient tax collections, and his armies of drafted conscripts vanquished and then permanently replaced the feuding warlord groups that had ruled much of the Middle East. Muhammad Ali modernized education, ordering the translation of European books on a large scale, vaccinated children against smallpox and offered them medical care, conducted censuses, and undertook huge public works projects that established cotton as a key Egyptian cash crop, which it remains today. Early in his career he curbed the spread of the fundamentalist Wahhabi Islam from the Arabian Peninsula.) -
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